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Dr. Norman Allan Ph.D., D.C.
is available for consultation by appointment at
Inner Arts Collective - 257 Danforth - between Broadview and Chester
and Riverdale Homeopathic -1331 Danforth - near Greenwood

phone 416 928 9272 to make an appointment

I practice many complementary medicines
and treat many conditions.

I'm a chiropractor, who works with craniosacral therapy, herbs, homeopathy, and "clinical acupuncture*."
l do some counselling/mentoring.too

I work in Toronto
at two clinics on the Danforth

Give me a call - 416 928 9272

therapies, techniques, modalities employed in our office

conditions, illnesses treated

"Vital Energy"
a discourse

organs, tissues, systems

an introduction
to alternative medicine

mission statement: some brief words about my practice

articles on


a brief description: thumbnail portraits of some of our modalities

aggravations, risks and benefits: an essay

"life's gate fire"

ask the doctor: a question and answer service
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Toronto, Ontario,
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(416) 928 9272

see a doctor
in the flesh
(though more than
one doctor is advisable
as a possible reality check)

This information is for educational
purposes only. It should not be considered as medical advice.
Please consult with your health practitioner before undertaking any treatment protocol.

Most health care problems are multi-factorial. We need to look at the total load of stresses in our lives to design meaningful self-care.

The use of multiple approaches to a problem can be highly effective.

Health does not come out of one bottle, but may come from the thoughtful application of several modalities.

We are trying to create a medicine wheel. For a particular patient with a particular problem a particular therapy might be at the centre of the wheel, or the use of several therapies might be essential.

employed by Dr. Allan include:

alternative treatments for cancer
auricular acupuncture
autosomatic training
bach flowers
blood homepage
craniosacral therapy : a myofascial release technique for coccydynia
diagnostic techniques:           
        1/ an essay on dowsing, divining and diagnosis           
        includes a discussion of electrodermal testing           
        and muscle testing,           
         2/ live blood analysis (no longer performed in our office)
diet: Weight Loss Tips   candida diet
exercise:for acute low back pain
foot toning
general: "a treatment for most conditions"



live blood analysis
/darkfield/live-blood analysis
myofascial release; a technique for coccydynia
Nutritional counseling: candida diet
postural work
reflexology: foot toning, reflexology (scientific "waffle" and speculation on mechanism)
spinal decompression
stress management

visceral manipulation

CONDITIONS treated in our practice include:




back pain
: (exercises for,)
breast cancer: diagnosis,

sprains, strains and...

candida diet
chronic fatigue syndrome
chronic pain syndrome

connective tissue disease:   Lupus.

(is not really a "condition": see toxicity)
food sensitivities
general: a treatment for most conditions
high blood pressure

incontinence: stress incontenence
immune disorders: Lupus.
immune tonics
, Lupus, allergies,

insomnia: herbs for,
irritable bowel syndrome
joint pain: see arthritis and back pain low back pain: (exercises for,)
"leaky gut syndrome"

multiple sclerosis

myofascial release; a technique for coccydynia
neck pain pain, chronic
pregnancy: herbal beverages during,
repetitive strain injury
sprains, strains and bruises

stress incontinence
Systemic Lupus Erythematosis

toxicity (is a "condition", but see detoxification) a treatment for most conditions
weight loss tips

and others

Organs, Tissues, Systems

blood: rouleaux and flow, darkfield live-blood analysis,
finger nails
high blood pressure
joints, sensitivity of
membranes: cell... lipid...

A BRIEF DESCRIPTION: of some of these modalities

Chiropractic addresses restrictions and malposition of the spine. Chiropractic is the treatment of choice for backaches and for many headaches. Because of the intimate regulatory association of the spine and the nervous system, chiropractic can be of benefit in many other conditions. If the spine is misaligned, the organs will not function correctly. Chiropractic can be a useful part of much of our health care. Dr. Allan practices the Gonstead Technique of Chiropractic. When a vertebra 'subluxates' (slips out of place) it falls backwards off its disc. The Gonstead Technique moves this posterior segment anterior back into place. The use of rotation in adjustments of the neck and lumbar spine is kept to a minimum. The Gonstead Technique is particularly effective, comfortable, and safe.

Acupuncture can be used to balance the body's energy fields enhancing health locally and systemically, and can be used to address specific tensions and pains.

is an energetic medicine which uses "potentised" remedies to harmonise the tone of the body. It can be used as "first-aid" to address particular acute symptoms, or "constitutionally" to address major chronic problems.

Bach Flower Remedies
are flower essences that subtly adjust the emotional tone and mental function. These remedies may be prescribed, but can also usefully be self-prescribe empowering the patient.

can be a wonderful adjunct to these other treatments, or a cure in themselves. Most aspects of health care can be addressed with herbs with little risk of side effects.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and Visceral Manipulation are gentle hands-on techniques. They follow and facilitate the body's own subtle movements, releasing tensions in connective tissue and restrictions in cranial movement, and in the visceral organs. Much of our emotional and psychological history is stored in the body as somatic tension. CST is a powerful tool for accessing and processing old patterns, freeing and harmonising our whole being.

Nutritional Counseling
: improving our diet is either going to help us a little or a lot. Nowadays many people suffer from environmental hypersensitivities, allergies and food sensitivities. Because a healthy gut is an essential foundation of health, these problems can be helped by judicious management of diet.

Postural Work: our posture expresses our feeling and affects our whole being. By simple regional posture awareness we can begin to change our position in the world. (Tai Chi, Yoga, and Bioenergetics are wonderful techniques for exploring our posture and ourselves. They are employed in my practice, but it is useful to follow through on studies of these elsewhere.)

Trigenics is a new muscle therapy that combines dynamic acupressure, focused breathing and muscle reflexes to quickly and dramatically relax spasms and ease muscle pain. It can be use as an adjunct to, or as a substitute for, chiropractic. The results are striking, often near miraculous, and trigenics can be employed even with acute injuries. One of the chief ingredients of trigenics is the use of a muscle reflex: "reciprocal inhibition". When we gently contract our triceps (an extensor of the forearm) the nervous system automatically relaxes the "antagonist" muscle, the biceps (a flexor). By adding a small resistance to the movement we can greatly enhance the effect. So, through a gentle resisted movement of opposing muscles we can automatically calm and relax muscle tissue. When we add dynamic acupressure manipulation of the tensed muscles and tendons, along with focused breathing, we have a remarkably synergistic system. "Synergy" means the three pieces work together much better then we’ve any right to expect.

A Brief Biography:

Dr. Norman Bethune Allan graduated as a doctor of chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1986, since when he has been involved in practicing, teaching and studying various aspects of complimentary medicine.

Before becoming a practitioner of Complementary Medicines Dr. Allan was a scientist. His Ph.D., in neuroscience (Sussex 1970), was a study of central control of motor behaviour.

From 1984 to 1993 Dr. Allan was engaged (part-time) in research at the University of Toronto into a wide variety of topics in Alternative Medicine including Acupuncture, Bioelectricity, Wound Healing, Food Sensitivity, and Homeopathy.


if you have any questions please ask
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Dr. Norman Allan
practitioner of
Alternative Medicines

Riverdale Homeopathic
1331 Danforth
(just east of Greenwood Subway)
Inner Arts Collective
257 Danforth"
(between Broadview and Chester)

by appointment

tel: 416 928 9272



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I am available to discuss and sometimes to demonstrate my work. a brief free consultation can be arranged.
to make an appointment,
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I am seeing
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Riverdale Homeopathy
1331 Danforth
Inner Arts Collective
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