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Joanne asked what are the alternatives for osteoporosis and osteopenia.

The University Of Maryland Medical Center's website has a good article on osteoporosis which includes a useful discussion alternative treatments for the condition. I've edited this page, omitting the things I felt to be less useful (or doubtful).


" Chaste tree ( Vitex agnus castus )-used traditionally for menstrual and menopausal symptoms; may prove to have benefits for preventing or treating osteoporosis as well
  Red clover ( Trifolium pratense )-isoflavones extracted from this herb may slow bone loss in women, but it is not clear whether the whole herb has similar effects
· Horsetail ( Equisetum arvense )-contains substances believed to strengthen bone

· Zinc-stimulates bone formation and inhibits bone loss in animals
· Vitamin C-may limit bone loss in early years of menopause but results are inconclusive
In addition to acupuncture, a Chinese practitioner would treat osteoporosis with a combination of herbs that boost estrogen levels and provide much-needed minerals for the skeleton. Several of these herbs overlap with remedies that might be chosen by a Western herbal specialist.
Estrogen-boosting herbs
· Black cohosh ( Cimicifuga racemosa )
· Angelica ( Angelic archangelica )
· Cypress ( Cupressus sempervirens )
· Hops ( Humuluis lupulus )
· Pomegranate husk ( Punica granatum )
· Sage ( Salvia officinalis )
· Ginseng ( Asian ginseng )
· Licorice ( Glycyrrhizia glabra )
Mineral-enhancing herbs
· Horsetail ( Equisetum arvense )
· Stinging nettle ( Urtica dioica )
· Knotweed ( Polygunum aviculare )
· Hemp nettle ( Galeopsis dubia or Gaelopsis ochroleuca )
· Maërl ( Lithothamnium calcareum)
In addition to these herbs, the Chinese practices of qi gong and tai chi, as well as other types of exercise may enhance muscle tone and improve balance and coordination, thereby reducing the risk of falls (and subsequent bone fractures) associated with osteoporosis. "

Univ of Maryland Medical Center

J. asked me about herbs and supplements for osteoporosis

I found the above at UMM's site