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tail bone pain: an noninvasive treatment

a myofascial release procedure for coccydynia


Tailbone pain often responds very positively to a modified CranioSacral myofascial release procedure.

The CranioSacral technique I learned in the early nineties was done sitting beside a seated patient with ones hand part way under their seat, one's middle finger in contact with the coccyx and the fingers either side, either side. With this contact, supposedly one can "unwind" the coccygially related myofascia. It never worked for me.

With the patient lying prone and the practitioner sitting facing their waist, the practitioner's middle finger of the superior hand (that cephalad in relation to the patient), in a surgical glove, is placed on the coccyx. The fingers either side are placed either side - you have to gently (and politely, and with due propriety!) shift the "cheeks" of the nates to connect to the coccygial myofascia.

The practitioner's inferior hand (footwards, caudally, in relation to the patient) is place under the patient's lower abdomen (belly) - again due propriety is necessary (especially as we are breaking John Upledger's thumb rule).

This contact fascilitates unwinding the coccygial myofasciia which can often bring profound relief in coccydynia.

This is a very intimate, though not physically invasive, procedure that should only be done when and where it is psychologically appropriate!



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