St. Johnswort and Depression

G.T. asks, "What is the most effective way
to use St. Johnswort for depression?"

Herbs work best in combination.
In a well chosen formula herbs are synergistic
(one and one can make four!).
For instance…

St. Johnswort works very well with
Motherwort, Lemon Balm and Lavender.

For depression St. Johnswort
may be the primary herb
constituting %30 to %40 of the formulation.
So for G.T. I have prescribed:
St. Johnswort   40% 12 drops
Motherwort  30    9
Lemon Balm   20     6     
Lavender   10     3
to be taken three times a day 
in a little water 
before meals (empty stomach)

see how to take herbs


Note:  that %10  of people find St. Johnswort sedative
rather than simple relaxing.  
If you find it makes you sleepy
simply take it at night before retiring.

Note:  that St. Johnswort is abundant
in Southern Ontario fields and meadows.

When cattle eat large quantities of St. Johnswort
they may suffer "photosensitivity".
St. Johnswort is listed
as a noxious weed in Ontario!

While there are no reports
of photosensitivity in humans
a caution about possible photosensitivity
must be noted
particularly by fair skinned people
in the summer months.

If you feel you are experiencing photosensitivity,
cut back on the dose.


Michael Vertolli says that
while he knows of no official contraindications
he  "would not recommend prolonged use of
St. Johnswort during pregnancy."
(Michael Vertolli is my herb teacher and
a wonderful source of information on
diverse aspects of alternative medicine.

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· references pulled from the net/medline 23/5/98   

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