Postural Awareness

Dr. Allan will be conducting a series of 8 classes on Postural Awareness
The Yoga Sanctuary at 2 College Street (just next door to his office)
on Monday evenings from 7:15 to 8:30
starting January the 6th 2003

The fee for this pre-registered course is $160 (for the 8 classes).
Enrolement is limited, so register early.

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Sitting Down
and Rising



Posture and Character


Postural Awareness


Postural Awareness classes/workshops study the elements of standing, sitting, movement and repose. It is amazing how many things we can learn, and mend, simply by noticing them.

There is good posture and bad posture, but they is no right posture. We are designed to move. Efficient movement defines a healthy posture.

Dr. Allan's "Postural Awareness" work is a synthesis of:

~ Standing: IP's First Form, Mountain

~ Breathing: folding, unfolding; flexion, extension

~ Sitting and rising

~ Repose

~ Stance and personality

Standing, "First Form", "Mountain": This work is derived from IP's work with tai chi chuan's
First Form, and from my work in chiropractic.

As a basis for First Form we will explore the contributions our various joint systems:
~ with the ankle and foot pronation/supination,
~ flexion/extension of knees, hips, spine. We will discover that internal and external rotation of the upper extremity is linked to flexion/extension of the spine
, and these in turn are linked to breath.

We will study "separation" of body segments and centres of gravity.

Breath work examines flexion/extension, folding/unfolding, "opening"/"closing" with exercises evolved from Qi Gong and bioenergetics.

Sitting, and Sitting Down and Rising: work inspired by Nehemia Cohen's Mitzvah elaborates on the above themes of

Repose: Yoga and meditation.

Posture and Character, Stance and Personality: an examination of the four basic Bioenergetic character types and how they may shape our posture.


"Postural Awareness" is a technique designed to free us from old habits. It is synthesis evolved from the work of W.H.Reich, Bioenergetics, Qi Gong, and from IP's tai chi chuan teaching, Nehemiah Cohen's Mitzvah and other techniques that I have studied and encountered over the years.

Awareness is the beginning of wisdom. A little practice can bring big changes.