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the sensitivity of joints              why chiropractic works, when it works   

why chiropractic doesn’t works, when it doesn’t works               
spinal decompression

When joints are malaligned they degenerate quickly. Because of this, joints are exquisitely sensitive so you can feel it, when they are out of place. So they may be very painful.
        With the joints of the spine, when malaligned, because the spinal nerves are tucked in right beside them, all soprts of body systems can be effected. (I've seen serious systemic problems arising from vertebral malalignment.) It reminds me of what the old indian told Mike Bear: "Straight spine, clean mind," so bear tells me.

There are many types of chiropractic, many different schools, techniques. The method I am most partial to is called the Gonstead Technique. Dr. Gonstead thought, or found, that when and where the spine failed a vertebra failed, it tended to fall backwards of its disc. He said it did this because that's what the anatomy allows, because when you look for that you can see hints of it on Xray, and when you correct the resultant "positeriority" you get the best results. The technique is comfortable, extremely safe, remarkably effective, but hard to learn. (There aren't too many practitioners around.) I say, try it!
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