JKW’s Low Back Pain exercises.

For acute low back pain JKW has a set of exercises that are proving very effective. JKW’s unassisted LBP exercise: standing you can use your finger tips to balance (touching some furniture) raise your right thigh/knee bending the knee so that the hip and knee are each at right angles now lift right hip laterally (hike it up to the side) lower the hip to level (the knee is still raised in front of you) repeat only once on his side (for a total of two hikes) lower the right leg to stand on both feet. Repeat the exercise on the left side. Hike the hip once or twice on each side (no more) repeat: right, left, and again. Do this for a minute or so. Make sure it does not aggravate your condition (I’ve only once seen a mild aggravation) If it feels okay repeat the exercise often and extend the duration JKW’s assisted LBP exercise: The patient lies on their back on a relatively hard surface. They bring their knees to their chest. (The majority of patients with LBP can do this without discomfort. If it is painful, this exercise is not for you!) The assistant reaches across below their hips/bottom puts a hand on their opposite hip and pulls the patient’s hips/bottom over towards them (the assistant). (This is a lateral flexion of the hips, not a rotation of the torso.) The assistant brings their hand over to the near-side hip and pushes the patient’s hip away from them (lateral movement only) Continue laterally flexing the hips back and forth After a minute or two the assistant should move round to the other side of the patient and repeat the procedure. The movement should start carefully and gently. It should not cause any aggravating pain. If the movements are painless their vigour can be increased a little. Again, start with just a few minutes and make sure the exercise doesn’t aggravate. If it feels okay it can be repeated frequently and with extended duration.