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bottom line: eat well

 Supplements, there are so many. What's your best bet? Are there downsides?. 
 They say, some tablets don't get digested. 

They say, folic acid levels are crucial during pregancy,

Sources or B12 are hard to come by for vegetarians,

vitamine D is a panacea!


  a metanalysis by researchers at the Copenhagen University Hospital suggests taking vitamin A supplements increase mortality (decreases life expecancy) by 16%! betacarotene supplements increase mortality 7% and vitamin E by 4%. Other supplements (C, B vitamins, selenium, zinc, etc.) may be healthy and helpful. Source: Independant Online Edition, 6 March 2007. 

other supplements commented on include

Calcium carbonate: Weight Loss Chromium picolinate MSM Proenzi 99 Stimulants: Proenzi 99




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