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Dr. Norman Allan


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  alternative medicine

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Norman is a holistic practitioner, a portrait painters, a writer/poet, and a thinker.

"I work at healing people because there are so many neat ways to help.
I paint people because nothing is more interesting to paint, to render.
I write,
and think/explore, because there is no other option: I have to."

















































































Dr Norman Allan    

 phone 416 928 9272 to book an appointment
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This site presents all my work.  
     I have four main pursuits,
     activities,   avocations...
  ~ alternative medicine
~ writing, drawing  (that's 2 and 3)
  ~ and first I was a scientist

           take a look around.

    an old picture : I am now much older

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this site has several aspects:
it provides clinical and scientific information on
I practice Alternative Medicine in Toronto.
tel: 416 928 9272 or
I am also a scientist,
and a scribbler
of words and pictures
and this is an opportunity to publish,
to reach you.
so I'm posting my poetry, prose, drawings.

I am grateful for comments and feedback

Everything found on this site is subject to copyright. Please feel free to down-load for your personal use, but no commercial use should be made of any of the intellectual property found here without the consent of the author, Norman Allan, or his sources.

Dr. Norman Allan Ph.D., D.C.
is available for consultation by appointment at
Riverdale Homeopathic -1331 Danforth - near Greenwood
and at
the Inner Arts Collective - 257 Danforth
between Broadview and Chester

phone 416 928 9272 to make an appointment



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