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some notes on

"Vital Energy"


page 1: words:"energy" "vibe" "quantum"...

page 2: biochemical energies

page 3: "higher"

page 4: semi-plasmal coherent "interfacial" water

page 5: bone: a meta-crystal and electric organ?


page 1: words

Words mean different things in different contexts...


I want to look briefly at the words, the concepts...


"vibe"    "frequency"



"energy": the word

A dictionary (e.g. Mirriam-Webster) might give us 4 primary meanings for the word "energy"


I a : dynamic quality <e.g.narrative energy>
I b : the capacity of acting or being active <e.g. intellectual energy>
I c : a usually positive spiritual force <e.g. the energy flowing through all people>

2 : vigorous exertion of power : effort <e/g. investing time and energy> (I think this is essentially the same as I)

4 : usable power (as heat or electricity); also : the resources for producing such power

3 : a fundamental entity of nature that is transferred between parts of a system in the production of physical change within the system and usually regarded as the capacity for doing work


all senses of the word refer to activities, happenings...

sense 1: refers to quality and quantity of psychological, spiritual and social happenings, and generally just means "something of an active principle/"dynamic quality" (often very loosely defined)", as in "I like his energy." Perhaps more to do with "style" (than "energy").

sense 2: simply refers to amplitude/quantity of an activity (I think: that more "energy" here means bigger, louder, brighter... ) this is refering to a large heap of sense 1...

sense 4: mostly means fuels, is associated with "the economy", and dominated google entries for the simple word "energy"

sense 3: is the concept as used in the natural sciences (physics, biochemistry), and is what we are going to primarily examine here... though eventually I am hoping we will begin to explore it's relationship to "consciousness" (to spiritual and psychological "activity")

so, we are going to examine

the natural science of "vital" energy


but first: "vibe",    "frequency"  

vibrating, oscillating, pulsing things... everything is.

"vibe" is short for "vibration",
and "vibe" means:
"a feeling that someone or something gives you" (Mirriam-Webster)
why? why do we think thus? something to do with music, perhaps?



everything is vibrating, oscillating, pulsing...

everything? light, sound, the vibrating strings of "string theory", atoms, molecules...

the rate at which things vibrate effects their "energy" quantitively,
and it effects their quality...

  things can oscilate, pulse, vibrate in different manners...
and when those pulsations propagate...      travel...       they will do so as "waves"...


"wave motion" can be "transverse" or "longitudinal"

"transverse"/up and down, side to side,
     waves as in water
     or waves as in light...

transverse waves might be "polarized" (orientated)

or waves could be "longitudinal", as in pressure waves
"longitudinal waves" - phases pulsed along the length of whatever is carring the pulse



everything is vibrating, oscilating, pulsing...

everything? light, sound, the vibrating strings of "string theory", atoms, molecules...

the rate at which things vibrate effects their "energy" quantitively,
and it effects their quality...


electromagnetic radiation / photons / "light" ... frequency spectrum

sound, frequency spectrum

here is a second graph of sonic ranges, rather different, and I think less trustworthy - but pretty

sound, amplitude, "loudness" spectrum (decibels)

(briefly mention Arndt-Schultz law?)


we are going to have a discussion/forum about "higher" frequencies verses "lower" or "bass" frequencies (a little later): but here I'd like to mention a word about the frequencies observed in "purring"...

(the word "salubrious" means "healthy, health-giving, beneficial, wholesome, salutary.")

there is no more salubrious sound than a cat's purr, and the "fundamental" frequency there is 20 to 30 Hz (cycles a second), which is very bass!

                27.5 Hz                                      middle C    A 440 Hz                                         4486 Hz

note, though, that there is also a higher frequency portion to this relatively "non-musical" ("white-ish") noise/sound.

(note, also, that the squeaking sound that chalk sometimes makes on the blackboard is 2000 to 4000 Hz - the high end or the piano keyboard)



but first, excuse me, a further consideration of "energy"

wiki lists a dozen "forms" of energy. These boil down to 1: different expressions of material/mechanical properties (e.g. that mass has inertia and is effected by "gravity"; and that things cannot occupy the same space, so that inertial "energies" get exchanged) exchanges of momentum?, 2: electrical charges and their electromagnetic fields, and 3: electromagnetic radiation (photons)

by and large the material universe is made up of matter, fermions (electrons, protons, neutrons, neutrinos) and the forces between them bosons (photons and others)

(you will recall that there are four fundamental forces)

and it is these things, electrons protons photons, that exhibit quantum behaviours - and quantum behaviour is very particular, and sometimes not obviously intuitive...

it starts with Planck's observation that increments of energy are discontinous, are not continous (not the next infintesimally slightest bit more), but are discrete increments, steps, "pixels" (as it were), or"quanta" (hence the expression "quantum leap"). So the smallest length there can be (in this quantum world) is 1.6 x 10-35 m ("Planck's length") (there is also a Planck's time, 10-43 seconds - quantum time too is pixilated).      (OMG I'm disappearing into an infinite regression of definations that I hardly understand, so for Planck's constant... go to wiki )

so the first thing about the "quantum" universe is that it is discrete, made up of pixels

then there is Heisenberg's uncertainty principle : there is a fundamental limit to the precision with which certain pairs of physical properties of a particle, known as complementary variables, such as position x and momentum p, can be known simultaneously.

and, before things happen they exist as a wave-like field of probabilities, but when things happen those "propabilities collapse" and discrete things (partical-like things) happen.

so the quantum universe is mysterious,
and as maths and physics it very difficult to understand

and this gives rise to "the quantum explanation" for anything: like "mind is a mystery and quantum is a mystery, therefore mind is quantum". Beware of the "quantum explanation".


so much for "energy", "vibe", and "quantum".     (well, maybe I'll try to understand, and explain, the quantum phenomenon a little more.)

hold on a minute! what is exactly is a photon? a quark? an electron?
a "photon".... well, nobody quite knows. It has "properties"... go see wiki

and what about "vital energy"?



I cannot find a simple definition of "vital energy": so let us just assume, define that it means
the energies in living systems that constitute their "livingness".

but before we go on to consider vital energies, let's briefly look at biochemical energies.

(or maybe next month)

  page 2: biochemical energy  
  however, having spent so much time lecturing on, listening to, "theory", let's talk a while, perhaps...

let's talk about "higher frequencies", "higher consciousness", "higher" as a concept"...


go to    page 3: "higher"












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