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"HIGHER": the word and concept, discuss

  page 4: semi-plasmal "interfacial" water
can pertain to/refers to: a scale with a spatial, and gravitational, references, with high being upward.  
or can pertain to a quantitative scale where high means more, numerically.

~ "higher frequency" fits here
~ higher education's a matter of ennumeration: "primary" "secondary"
       "post secondary" and then "higher degrees"
~ higher costs, higher price
~ highly rated* see also quality


~ high culture
~ high fashion (it is not just a matter of price)
~ highly rated* see also quantity
~ higher consciousness                   ?

there are other qualities we also reference to point towards "better", "more"...

Micha points out..
  (we can start with the polar opposite) ~ deeper, profound    
(and other "more"ish qualities) ~ wider, fuller,
  Micha wondered whether we are talking about more resolution, more detail. Is it more "content"? more levels, dimensions? just "bigger"? (see "some thoughts" below)* And he points out that we use the terms "deeper", "more profound", in a similar manner.    
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on our way to semi-plasmal "interfacial" water

  * "some thoughts": during a facilitated childhood regression (at Upledger's Advanced CST) to a memory of being six years old, consciousness seemed in some sense "smaller", less "spacious"...

do I think a dogs consciousness is less vivid because it has less references?
a frogs? (I'll bet)











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