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Pattern and Resonance in the Natural World

(formerly titled "Towards a New Natural Philosophy")
(and subtitled "Explaining Almost Everything")

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Introduction: Pattern and Resonance in the Natural World
Chapter OneBeyond Substance (50K)
Chapter Two:Living Crystals (34K)
Chapter Three: Complexity
Chapter Four: Neural Nets
Chapter Five: Strings
summarysummary of salient points
As explained in the first chapter, some years ago I was shown that there 
was an harmonic structuring in homeopathy.   
Chasing the repercussions of this I thought I had the explanation to almost everything for many phenomena, such as dowsing, or cold fusion, may be explained through the subtle patterning of electromagnetic fields. While I was engaged in putting these insights down on paper I became aware that the world is much much deeper still than that, that there are "subtle energies" beyond this, an esoteric knowledge, but we have no handle on them, so that was that... In 2000 I became aware of
supersymetrical string and m theory's n dimensional infinitesimal universe, and all that... which points to an inner world, and we will follow it a little way. cy3.jpg (4303 bytes) I still have no scientific map to where information is experienced I think information must be experienced. If it isn't experienced meaningfully (by a "knower", a consciousness, an experiencer) it isn't information, it's just stuff.
I do have is an explanation of Homeopathy as something (ionic dipoles) vibrating, 
a pattern in the vibrating fields and this leads I think 
 to a very interesting picture of the universe.
follow this train of thought most expediently please proceed through the introduction 
following and follow the links that say "Simon say click now"...  
 summary of salient points 


Introduction: Pattern and Resonance

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Chapter One:     Beyond Substance    (50K)                          

a discussion of homeopathy         

Chapter Two:     Living Crystals    (34K) image5rot.gif (5728 bytes)
Chapter Three:    Complexity juliaimage5a.jpg (120610 bytes)
Chapter Four:      Neural Nets                        nnet.gif (41961 bytes)
Chapter Five:       Strings                                  cy3.jpg (4303 bytes)



Addenda: the strings between