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  Forms of Energy  

Kinetic                                that of the motion of a body

Potential                            a category comprising many forms in this list

Mechanical                        the sum of (usually macroscopic) kinetic and potential energies

Mechanical wave             a form of mechanical energy propagated by a material's oscillations

Chemical                           that contained in molecules

Electric                               that from electric fields

Magnetic                            that from magnetic fields

Radiant                               that of electromagnetic radiation including light

Nuclear                               that of binding nucleons to form the atomic nucleus

Ionization                            that of binding an electron to its atom or molecule

Elastic                                 that of deformation of a material (or its container)
                                             exhibiting a restorative force
Gravitational                       that from gravitational fields

Rest                                     that equivalent to an object's rest mass

Thermal                               a microscopic, disordered equivalent of mechanical energy

Heat                                     an amount of thermal energy being transferred (in a given process)
                                              in the direction of decreasing temperature
Mechanical work                 an amount of energy being transferred in a given process
                                              due to displacement in the direction of an applied force












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