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water dipoles



"Vital Energy"

page 2: biochemical/biophysical energies


  There is more than one energy system at play in biological systems: there are biochemical systems, and bioelectrical systems...  

Cellular biochemistry:

Simply put, photosynthesis captures (photonic) energy from sunlight and stores it in sugars (carbohydrates).


the energy in the glucose is converted into energy in ATP (adenosine triphosphate)

and the (relatively) small energy in the "triphosphate bond" is what fuels most chemical activities in living systems.



(We are talking "electrolites" here) : a relative absense of Sodium ions (Na+) and relative abundance of Potasium ions (K+) inside cells creates an electrical tension, a voltage called the "resting potential", across the cell membrane.

  These are the physical forces that (present day) biology deals with, that largely explain "metabolism". ..  
  page 3: "higher", what does this mean in what contexts...  











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