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some thoughts about
The Substance of Life
and some of the
Foundations of Consciousness


illustrations of the electric dipoles of water

the skinny: what they been saying, new age Theosophists/Blavatsky people, about....
vibrations, higher frequencies,
other dimensions: there is a physics... it exists .    
and it goes like this...

Water, in living systems, is an electrical plasma...

While "bulk water" is a mysterious and wonderful substance, its has recently been discovered that water, where it is interacting and interfaces with other stuff, interfacial water has very different and remarkable properties. There is, for example, Pollack exclusion zone water (this is relatively recent, millenial, and it is an experimental/empirical findings). And then there is the work of del Giudice and his colleagues with "quantum coherent domains" (which issues from the theoretical application of Quantum Electrodynamics [QED] to the behaviour of liquid dipoles)...

water, in living systems, animals, plants... water sings! It is a vibrating/pulsing plasma of quasi-free electrons and protons oscillating as coherent quantum domains. Emilio del Giudice looked at the behaviour of water with QED, and he found "Quantum Coherent Domains".
      We are pulsing electrical plasmal fields. (footnote: Giudice)

      Living water is moving, pulsing, crystalline, a cold (or rather a tepid) electric plasma, so if you go on to think about chi and prana, if you want to talk about chakras and meridians, think about them, at least, in the context of... interacting with vibrating coherent e.m. fields - Quantum Electrodynamic interfacial water echoing everything (everything in it, and everything it is in) a singing "body electric".: an electric plasma in water!     
quote: "interfacial water should be almost completely coherent..."
think   electric plasma !

Electrical breakdown in an electric discharge showing the ribbon-like
plasma filaments from a Tesla coil - here in air (not water)

Yesterday, at my friend Linda's, just before leaving, I was knelling by the cat, Kliban, my hand touching (but not resting on, not pressing down) over her sacrum (2), but now with the thought that our (living) flesh is electric plasma, and I reckon I felt and saw (internally) the fields! (as light)

Plants too, an oscillating/vibrating electrical plasma: alive.

There is a literature (check it here).

So, living systems are interfacial waters and are vibrant/oscillating/pulsating as "coherent" electric plasmas...     the living pulsing stuff of life

(note: this is how the dipoles started out before del Giudice analysed them!)

this is the biggie, that the substance of life is plasmal water

but there is more...     
                                      we are going to talk, a little, about the bones:
             which are meta-crystal,
gemlike micro-crystals
       in a complex lattice
           of spiraling nano-wires..     
    ... living crystals...

and then w
e are going to talk a bit about string
                                                                                                   (with its other dimensions),

first though...              while consciousness/awareness/mind must surely, I think, exist beyond the "material" space/time (physical) energy/matter; still sentient beings, as we most directly, commonly, experience them as human beings, persons, are tied to the body in significant ways: so, we should consider/bear in mind ...

Bone as meta-crystal, living crystals (and the generation of ultrahigh-frequencies) ...

II: Let's leave the pulsing water, the electric quantum singing waters, for a moment, and think about brain waves...
      brain waves... here's some images ... so it seems it is thirty two pairs of electrodes... and... thirty two tracks of averaged electrical activity electric activity (or is it fields) between the electrodes and that give us displays like this...

a reminder about piezoelectrical systems
(like bone crystals and collagen):       
piezoelectric substances transduce the "energies", mechanical force, electrical charge, and e.m. radiation, one into the others        (that's how "crystal-sets", early radios, caught the e.m.fields in the "ethers"...)

(uh-oh... I have just "learned" (March 2016) that (some say) piezoelectrical phenomena (and second harmonic generation) only occur in crystals "without inversion symmetry" : and apatite, the crystal in bone, has inversion symmetry. The piezoelectric activity in bone is attributable to the collagen only! some say. I need to research this further! Back to the drawing board.)

Back at the drawing board:

Back at the drawing board having discovered first, that the crystalline calcium phosphate in bone, apatite, is not piezoelectric, and that furthermore, the mineral in bone is not single crystals but packets of crystalline platelets… my thoughts went something thusly (he won't give up, will he?)…

There is some empirical observations that need explaining:

~ there is Beneviniste (St. Laudy)'s ultradilute antigens and Eweida's ultradilute DNA dot-blots… They demonstrate quite convincingly the ultradilution/homeopathic "potentization" phenomenon (see below).

~ we note that this is an iterative process, and that it is one in which we see the apparent loss of information (and effect) and then the return of the effect (information) as with "Poincare's recurrence" (which we will refer to simply as "recurrence").

~ I have speculated that ultradilution/potentization is a matter of harmonic overlay (hence we have an expectation of recurrence.

~ in the classical Kentian practice of homeopathy a small set of iterations is employed (namely 6C, 30C, 200C, and 1000C/1M). We need not find the recurrent iteration in order to see physiological responses: so I reasoned that, in all probability only the recurrent iterations are active, and in that case the iterative generation process is likely happening in the body. What better place for that to happen, I speculated (back in "89) then in the bone… found the bone to be a living meta-crystal - a lattice of collagen piezo-units with bone crystal latticed through! And that the nerves in the periosteum are sensitive to vibration! 0.5 to 10 Hz and 200 to 500 Hz. (Oh, and that we put the homeopathic remedies under the tongue where (as they turn into some molecules dispersed in saliva) they can radiate their signals under the dome of the palate, in the arena of the mandible.)

But, the bone crystals are not piezoelectric!

But, the collagen fibers are!

So maybe I've been misreading the bone like Rudolph Steiner's ear…

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Waldorf School movement, spun a vast rational system he called "anthroposophy". Steiner intuited that the body was mapped on the ear, but where Nogier derived his auricular map from empiricism, Steiner derived his from his rational system. Steiner said the head was mapped at the top of the ear, the chest in the middle and the abdomen at the bottom. Steiner got it upside down! Rationalism is a useful and necessary exercise, but it is in danger of getting things backwards, if it stays near the truth at all.

But, what if I'm looking at the bone structure/function upside down: what if the mineral links between collagen molecules aren't, say, processing: what if they are tethering! OMG… what if that's where we are getting the generation of subharmonics! not through the mineral crystals themselves, but through their longitudinal tethering together of the collagen molecules... hmm

collagen fibril

mineral platelet

mineral particle
(stack of platelets)

collagen fibril


(disordered surface layer containing water
and hydrated phosphate ions)

collagen fibril

water citrate layer
citrate molecule


Back when I was writing about the dot-blot ultradilutions in "Beyond Substance" I used the analogy of a magicians rope to explain ultradilution/potentisation: -

"Imagine a conjurer's rope. Take a segment out of that magician's rope - say one foot out of ten - and hold it taut between your hands, and twang it. Now (by magic) put it back in the original rope. The note, the vibration, in the small piece will pattern and inform the longer piece. The longer piece will now carry that information, but it will also, during the process, generate harmonics, multiples of that original note. But note, in the dilution process (which the homeopaths have traditionally called "potentiation") it becomes intuitively apparent that we will be generating both harmonics and subharmonics of the original pattern. And this explains one of the mysteries of homeopathy."

Tangent: one of the mysteries of homeopathy is why the signals don't just dilute and so extinguish…

"In our thought experiment we have spread the vibration (the moving rope) from one unit of length along in to ten units. (I'm not sure I have the physics and maths right here: but) we might expect the amplitude of the signal to fall to 10% of what it was, and so if we simply repeat the process the signal is going to disappear. However, in homeopathy and ultradilution we "succuss" the system, agitate it (S), throw white noise through the system. As discussed, briefly, below vibrations, when they resonate, can "drive" or "amplify" one another: so the "white noise" from the succussion, where it resonates with the vibration/signal in the solute, it will drive, or amplify, the signal. However, where it does not resonate it will simply pass through. It is as a source of this amplification that "succussion" is so critical."
And in the bone? Surely "white noise" from all round.

But the tethering! The mineral packets are tying the molecules together into chains… and if these chains are vibrating… then could see be generating the subharmonics in these chains?
So here's a wild, or feral speculation… the iteration is indeed going on in the bones: second harmonic generation (with amplification!) transversely across the lattice and subharmonic generation is happening along the lattice!

Why subharmonics? …
~ Because when first thinking about potentization in bulk water it seemed intuitive.
~ Because it is also nicely symmetrical (though that is a bit "so what").
~ And, for what it is worth, Emilio del Giudice also expected subharmonics (though he wasn't sure where and how: " This process can further iterate producing a hierarchy of levels of coherence, that starting from the tiny domains of water molecules large 0.1 mm could reach eventually the size of cells, organs, tissues, plants, animals, ecosystems." [see] )

Oh, but, were are a way away from empirical here… empirically there are the ultradilute antigens, DNA dot-blots, piezo-electric collagen (under some conditions), and can we call the Kentian sequence, 6C 30C, an empirical indication? I wonder if we have our map the right way up?

and finally: What are the bone crystal packets doing? Are they semi-conductors? Transistors with "exciton" stuff going on, or what the eff? (interesting, though, how a little bit of mineral lends mechanical rigidity to bone...

back to II: Bone as meta-crystal, living crystals (and the generation of ultrahigh-frequencies) ...

the brain is sitting inside bone, the meta-crystal (hydrate)     ! ! !


The little gem like crystals ... the microchips ... they are piezoelectric! they are transducing
(I beg your pardon: no they aren't!)

and the collagen fibers are piezoelectric... they are transducing...                          


the brain is surrounded by these myriad sensors : piezoelectric molecules vibrating !
                         the brain is surrounded by these myriad sensors :
meta-crystals vibrating !
                                                   the brain is surrounded by these myriad sensors :
vibrating ! transducing...

and the collagen with it's piezoelectric fibers is a superconductor for the protons (del Giudice) and for high frequency electric signals (Feynman on rectilinear systems) so the crystals are interacting through this pathway (electrically and mechanically) as well as photonically (e.m. radiationally).

and these myriad latticed piezoelectric micro-crystals may be manifesting the phenomena of second harmonic generation : the signals are being whipped up the scales to ultra high frequencies, which might be significant because... of those other dimensions in "strings" ...

so all these myriad piezoelectric molecules are vibrating to, and broadcasting, the brain waves, and processing, and processing...           and ...  

and! ...   the nerves in the periosteum (the membrane round the bones) are tuned to sense vibrations! (and some of the "strange" tingling sensations we sometimes feel, could some of this not be our sensing of the bones? though surely much may be "subliminal")

inside inside inside

III: and another thing, if you'll follow me to string....


String theory: and its other dimensions...
         As I understand it, string theory is an attempt to reconcile"relativity" with "quantum physics" by modeling the world as tiny vibrating strings. In this model, the strings are vibrating not only in the three dimensions of space (x, y, z), that expanded at the "big bang", but also in six other dimensions, which did not expand after the big initial pulse. For more than thirty years "string theory" has dominated theoretical physics: however, they can't close the deal: it doesn't quite work (despite its commanding role in physics for thirsty years), because...      because the tiny vibrating things aren't strings.
        So they are also working on "M-theory" where the vibrating things are membranes, and M-theories have seven (rather than six) inward dimensions (and may open somehow into eleven, or is it 15 more? elsewhere dimensions).

Now the other dimensions are almost infinitesimally small: and they are "Calabi-Yau" shaped (apparently): which is rather beautiful...


but if these other dimensions that the strings are vibrating in are tiny, plank length in size, inside... then it will be only the ultrahigh-frequencies that will be interacting at the relative scale of those tiny places.

and/but the     other dimensions, they are all "here", "here" where the big pulse, Big Bang, originally occurred (which is everywhere, and everything is expanding away in 3 dimensional space from that "here", everywhere, but this tiny inner mote, which is here, everywhere, this cosmic mote... is it all entangled here?
probably not.   just potentially    where they resonate perhaps they jibe      inside
                                            (is/are EPR and Bell's whatever special cases?)

IV: iteration iteration iteration in the CNS

Iterations:    when I talk here about iterations, what the            are we talking about?

Iterations perhaps first come to our attention, most of us, in the context of "fractals", for instance in the Julia sets and the Mandelbrot set where you keep repeating f(z) = z2 + c again and again and generate the Julia sets and the Mandelbrot set which describes them.

Langton's ant, with its emergent phenomenon, presents another very simple iterative behaviour illustrating the dialectic: that simple generates complex very quickly.

Poincare's recurrence is a third example of iterative behaviour. Here we see information appears to disappear and then later reappear (with further iteration), and we may expect to see Poincare's recurrence in the highly iterative second harmonic generation which will be going on in the bone crystal lattices.

But the iteration that I wanted to talk about here, is the iteration that is occurring at so many levels in the central nervous system.

 For example, in the neural organisation of vision we see multiple sequential neural representations of the visual field. Between each of these successive levels of visual analysis the information is "processed": successive levels (successive mappings of the visual fields) are iterations of the informational field/matrix, and each is similar in many ways to the field from which it derived but it's evolved and different, (23) (and is, for instance, analysing aspect of sensations) and of course these processing occur with a small temporal delay so that these iterations, this information is falling down time.


       And which of these iterations iterations of the visual field is the "visual field", is vision itself? Not necessarily any one of them. Possibly the resonance of all of them.         where?

So we have all these iteration of neural information falling down time - and not just our visual matrices - there are many other body maps (somatotopic maps). the primary sensory and motor cortex,       and "associative" sensory and motor cortex, and many somatotopic maps in the cerebellum, and in the thalamus, and the basal ganglia, and the spine itself (there is a little fusiform homunculus in the spine) again with successive iterations of neural process.


and so there are all these iterative processes in the nervous system, falling down time, reflected, and processed, and in the vibrating/pulsing/oscillating living crystal lattice of the skull, and scaled to ultrahigh frequencies, overlapping perhaps, in the others dimensions of string... and we might wonder what fractal wonders are resonating in these systems...

CONSCIOUSNESS where ever it comes from   is woven through this

and no doubt consciousness is more than this, but thus, too, at least here in the body, it is...

V: How does "ultradilution" enter the story? In several manners, some of which are incidental, and some of which are quite interesting.

What is "ultradilution"? Ultradilution is term used in scientific studies of the biological activity of substances successively diluted till there is no substance left, in the manner of homeopathy. (For a more detailed account see "Beyond Substance" and/or "some key points".)

In the mid 1980s, Jacgue Benveniste successively diluted antigens (successively: so these are "iterations") until there was no substance left, and he observed that the ability of such dilutions to cause the release of histamine (from basophils) came and went.
      It was after a meeting with Benveniste the del Giudice set out to find how water could hold/remember complex signals. What he discovered, by applying QED to liquid phases of material, was that interfacial water is a coherent cold plasma! (His lifetimes work went on to be a study of interfacial water, water in living systems (and the work did not in particularly apply to ultradilution, which is indeed rather a phenomenon of "potentised" bulk water)

When MAME brought us their ultradilution DNA dot blot phenomenon, the fact that only very specific iteration (for instance, in the illustration, only the 16th and the 26th) are biologically active, while in the clinical practice of homeopathy (in the classical Kentian style) only the 6th, 30th, 200th, and 1000th iterations are used, suggested that the body of the patient itself is generating these harmonic iterations. What tissue might be doing that? Bone seemed a likely candidate, and indeed seems to fit the bill perfectly (right down to the vibration sensors in the periosteum).

So then, let me say, that while I've no precise idea what the "plasmas" look like, or quite how they are patterned, but from the ultradilution work we know, at least, that these signals, these patterns, may represent something as specific as a particular strand of DNA.

But also of interest, I think, is that in clinical homeopath, when taking a patients case (looking for the remedy, the signal, that might help them), an enormous bias, an enormous "weight" is give to the "mental" symptoms. And these important mental diagnostic indicators can be quite general ("sulfur" is famously an "absent minded professor" type) or quite specific ("silica" may obsess about sharp objects).
       And so this work suggests that we might look at "mental" phenomena as complex vibrational signals/systems.

Interesting also, in clinical homeopathy, is the elaboration of the classical medical concept of miasms. Of the whole organism getting stuck in, locked into, particular (pathalogical) patterns.

The take away? There is food for thought, and for research!

(for a more detailed account of ultradilution phenomena, see "Beyond Substance" and/or "some key points")

VI: an assessment of the status (is this really science?) of such thoughts and speculations, and some further speculations (while we're at it)...

~ Water in living systems is a cold plasma of coherently oscillating dipoles (quasi-free electrons and protons) (It is my understanding that...) Del Giudice is the real McCoy: a Quantum Electrodynamics physicist looking at quantum phenomena in water for the first time. The work, however is theoretical. Del Giudice feels that Pollock's EZ findings support his theories. I think we can almost take this to the bank. It's certainly changed my view of the world!
    And the pulsing plasma, there are some people who can "see" or sense this low energy electrical activity.

~ Bone is a living meta-crystal. Yes it is! It will be transducing all the signals it receives and processing them (in manners including second harmonic generation) Yes, this should be so (though there is the question of orders of magnitude that needs to be addressed to assess the true significance of these processes. So yes, this is probably happening, but it is speculative. Indeed the bones as generating e.m. fields. (And when you are trying to feel those fields, move your hands. I suspect also that the skull is a little more sensitive than the hands. And, it's in the periosteum, mate, the sensors!)

~ The other, inward, infinitesimally small dimensions of string (6) and M-theory (7+), how real are these? String theories haven't been satisfactorily resolved (and I think that's because the things aren't exactly strings: that's just a rough approximation), but it has dominated theoretical physics for 30+ years. It's is likely close to the/a truth. And that these tiny other dimensions would be the realm of ultrahigh-frequencies. Makes sense.
~ And the "cosmic mote"? these inward dimensions all overlapping? I have no idea whether this is just word play ( on my part) or whether it has some reality. It is a neat thought, though. It would explain a lot!

~ The Central Nervous System is a highly iterative system. You bet! And strange and wonderful things emerge from iterative systems.

Some even wilder thought/speculations:

~ the dark stuff, the dark matter and dark energy might be matter/energy that hardly intersects with the three expanded dimensions of space. (Yes, maybe, but isn't this just "quantum is a mystery, mind is a mystery, therefore mind is quantum", the other dimensions are a mystery, dark matter/energy is a mystery... ) Hmm? But the other dimensions are (probably) there, so...

~ there are some "matrix" like aspects to them other dimensions... (expand!)

~ pixels, quanta

~ and a fourth garbled note which I cannot read, but which I think was the answer to everything...


* According to Sakada: in the periosteum there are slow and rapid responding receptors. The slow receptors are sensing pressure and pain, and low frequency vibration! roughly 0.5 to 10 Hz. The rapid response receptors are sensing pressure, pain, and high frequency vibration, up to 500Hz, with a their greatest discriminative ability between 100 and 300 Hz (the octave below middle C)
Sakada: Physiology of Mechanical Senses of the Oral Structure: Frontiers of Oral Physiology, vol 4, pp 1-32, 1983.









for a citation for this illustration see

reference footnote 3)