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Norman Allan : the story
book two: secrets

Chapter Six: Summer 2015


1: Ted and the Bethune movie story: Sutherland! (ask!)

Giudice: I've written a little more about this at "The ability of water to carry complex signals: the work of Emilio del Giudice : oscillating dipoles and "quantum coherent domains": and "Appendix 1: Emilio del Giudice   where you will find references

and you may remember that.. the nerves in the periosteum are tuned to sense vibrations! According to Sakada: in the periosteum there are slow and rapid responding receptors. The slow receptors are sensing pressure and pain, and low frequency vibration! roughly 0.5 to 10 Hz. The rapid response receptors are sensing pressure, pain, and high frequency vibration, up to 500Hz, with a their greatest discriminative ability between 100 and 300 Hz (the octave below middle C)
Sakada: Physiology of Mechanical Senses of the Oral Structure: Frontiers of Oral Physiology, vol 4, pp 1-32, 1983.

2: Jack Gerwater says the Governor point at L7/S1 is the Baihai (Du 20) equivalent in carnivores

3: Lee: A model for the distribution of HAP crystallites in bone - a hypothesis. Calcif. Tiss. Int. vol 27, pp53-56.

4: Ultrasound showed nothing (mitigating against gall bladder spasm/colic. That took sparse weeks. The colonoscopy took 5 months (in our "socialised" Canadian system in the 2010s; ah, because my GP wanted it done in hospital, because I'm a cardiac patient) and mitigates against polyps and colon cancer. And though the tenderness last summer spread to the right lower ribs, I declined to get a chest Xray.

5: the vagal nerve, Cranial Nerve Ten, provided parasympathetic innervation to the chest and upper two thirds of the abdomen. (And the colon? Wikisay "Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome are thought to cause activation of the vagus nerve" )

6. York University Downsview Ontario

7: Woon is Michael's father's, Kema (who is Linda's teacher (9)): Woon was a student, and then the wife of Kema: so I guess formally Michael's step-mother. And certainly a close friend.

8: an old friend

9: you may recall Linda told me life was conflicted till she met her teacter, and since then she has been happy; the she asked me, "Isn't bliss enough?"

10: Pamela Colman Smith illustrate the Waite Tarot.