Dr. Norman Allan Ph.D., D.C.
is available for consultation by appointment at
Riverdale Homeopathic -1331 Danforth - near Greenwood
and at Inner Arts - 2 College St. suite 301

phone 416 928 9272 to make an appointment

Ted Allan in Spain
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    This site presents all my work.  
     I have four main pursuits,
     activities,   avocations...
  ~ alternative medicine
~ writing, drawing  (that's 2 and 3)
  ~ and first I was a scientist

           take a look around.

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Norman Allan:
the story

Ezra asked me
to write my story.
This is it.
Book One
Beyond Substance

Salubrious Oscillations
Good Vibrations
several sources claim vibrations can
increase bone and muscle mass
while lowering fat!
Can chanting improve your health?
The Thing Is

I don't see
The Mayan Creation Myth and Why Things Are As They Are
video            text  
some wonderful things about
The Seven Laws
text    of Drama     video

narrative pieces

art work
with a story

Professor Savage
and the Wild
an observation on the occurance of
cancer in the wild.

and the nature
of the divine

Jewish Numbers
a short short story

Lies My Father Told Me

a novelization

a credo:


verses on the
faith mind:

a wonderful
buddhist text

Nature, Nurture and Gorginski's Mice:
in determining "emotional" tone,
it's the "vibe", (not genes)
that count

Motor Integration in the Central Nervous System

My doctoral research was a study of the vocal behaviour of baby chicks, how they twitter and peep as they run around together and with their mother hen. I would put electrodes into their brains, send a little current that would make them call (while they were anesthetized), and this work lent some interesting insight into how motor behaviours are integrated in the nervous system. This work, conducted from 1965 through 1970, is still fresh and cutting edge (I believe

the snowbow



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professionally I practice Alternative Medicine in Toronto.
tel: 416 928 9272
or email
I am also a scientist, a writer and scribbler
and this is an opportunity to publish, to reach you.
so I'm posting my poetry, prose, drawings.

I am grateful for comments and feedback

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