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Darcy's  Journey  

I was Counting My Days


Darcy came and sat for us in the studio of the Arts & Letters Club...

          two months before she found the lump in her breast   


and she
after her biopsy

a diagnosis of cancer....

again days after her mastectomy...

during her chemo







            during her five year of tamoxifen





oh, and on the fifth anniversary of her chemo Darcy shaved her hair...




and lovely life went on


once, around at Darcy and Donel's, I painted Darcy in costume
what was I drinking?     { they are Irish.   I was tipsy.   "the paint brushes have been drinking" }
and then    eight years on    last summer    2015
abdominal symptoms brought an ultrasound and Darcy     
who had stopped counting her days     
found she was pregnant














                                                                  and here's little Gleeson     three weeks old



he was sleeping in his portable car-seat
at the begining of the session
and I sat briefly next to him
to draw/painted him
from above


and here's Darcy and Gleeson






a graphic chronicle
of Darcy's journey





































"I was counting my days"

videos of the show
at the Laurier Gallery


1: the show
2: brief overview
3: speach and music
4: all the pieces

5.: scarred landscape

6: two pieces
7: what's next 
8: early detail









































































































see also: Heather's Body: first draft - the video


mixed media (water pastels, pen, pencil) on plane plywood panels



Most of the work can be purchased
phone me 416 928 9272 or email to arrange this.