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poetry of Norman Allan

these are the poems that I don't think are great.
Not bad enough to throw out or hide
but just there for real enthusiasts.
(so I'd start by looking at
the lyrical miracle collect the thing is...
and selected collected)
before looking below...



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infinite nonsense:  feb 08

Talking in Tongues: mar/apr 2013

fleet river

inattention and a sagging roof
seen through the window
while breaking from meditating
to write down sundry thoughts :
feb 2009

existance     being      is: march 2014

on meeting a friend :   july 2013

untitled: I saw the goddess... july 2013

untitled: find a way:    june 2013

Oh Brenda: ... june 2013 and forever

how things are:   apr 2013

such a night (Chedee's): feb 2012

Maybe Cynthia

The Ezra Cycle: 2012/13

ghosts: oct 2011

this is for Jesus: sept 2011

the crimson rose: mostly 1971, with a little 2013 edit

sad angry

Jane wants...    2nd August 1999

my motor car


Darrell: One

Darrell: Two

the spirit of my brother, Bear 21st August 99

The Enigma of Consciousness August 2002

Leave the Light

untitled: now that the scent…:    march 2014

Rambling words: a moan: april 2011

the sand goblin's song

taxi drivers song '80s

Confessions of a Frog Prince

untitled: I had this thought: dec 2013

looking for ... : oct 2013

cat: dec 2013

nan yar: jan2014

untitled: at the bottom of the glass... nov 09

amanda's dream:   july 08

untitled poem: Corran...   july 08

a could not:   june 08

5 30 10 03 08:  mar 08

damaged     oct 07

a despair    sept 07

Dog Days:   august 07

Damian's eyes: aug 2012

the music:      july 2014

eye contact: april 2012

Untitled: Barb's brother...: feb 2012

The Five Passions:   august 07

untitled: Teddie wants.. july 07

this:   july 07

haiku: mayjunefirst07

resolution Jan 2005

babbu    Nov 2005

this isn't about me     summer of 2004, revised Aug 2005

Mind, the poem    Oct 2002

Dying  June 2002

a fine bouquet: march 2011

untitled: I'm turning:    oct 09

fragments: jan 2011


Park  Sept 99

hum: feb 2012

We 29th July 1999

compound interest:     may 2014

under the tongue

the pheasant

the cock on the dunghill

I'd give up my life for enlightenment:     july 2014

Losers Cycle August/September 99

untitled: if we really: jan 2010

train memory: mar 2010

thin as smoke: aug 2010

politically: dec 2010

compound interest:     may 2014

medley: jan 2011

Cleopatra on the Nile    nov 2010

an aphorism for the angry:   8th June 1999

fleet river

trade off: may 2012

music as Buddhisatva: april 2012

untitled: I'm moved...:    oct 2011

Sulky Tantrum    autumn 2003

hope Jan 2005

...respose to Dionysos   Jan 2005

face: by Siyi Zhnag, translated by Norman Allan: Nov 08

The Burning of the Vegetables    autumn 2003

I'd give up my life for enlightenment:     july 2014

two lives:    2nd August 1999

email:     15th Feb 99

clinging:    jan 2013

untitled: the most wonderful story: feb 2014

Is this a Haiku: one: march 2014



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