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fairly new poems



holocaust: sept 2012

Damian's eyes: aug 2012

trade off: may 2012

music as Buddhisatva: april 2012

eye contact: april 2012

Untitled: Barb's brother...: feb 2012

the thing is: feb 2012

hum: feb 2012

such a night (Chedee's): feb 2012

ghosts: oct 2011

this is for Jesus: sept 2011

I don't remember joy
when I was a boy
but didn't the days run on
: sept 2011

Rambling words: a moan: april 2011

Wu: april 2011

this blooming spring: april 2011

a fine bouquet: march 2011

fleet river: 1977 and 2011

fragments: jan 2011

medley: jan 2011

untitled: I'm moved...:    oct 2011



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