Norman Allan
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roots: sept 2012 and long ago

Untitled: We sat... aug 2012

I don't see...   august 07

is there a word for the absence of resonance?: june 2006

Virgo: 1972/2006

Possibly 32nd St. in September: Sept 2004/March 2006

Untitled: this side of atlantis   Nov 2005

Brenda   Nov 2005

infinite nonsense:  feb 08

Fall Again: Walking the Dogs    Sept 2004

Baby Blue    Sept 2004

Optimise    July 2004

My Baby    Mar 2004

Walking the dogs... Oct 2003

Little Red Piece of Glass June 2002
text only           illustrated text

God is a Person  Feb 2002

for Seth     Jan 2002

To Rosamunda    2000






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