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No Downtown
I've got a poem pray for israel
On Account Of Worry The Dugong Song Confessions of a Frog Prince resolution Jan 2005 hope Jan 2005 We 29th July 1999 London   Aug 1997 Winter's Words Hatred's Fount: text only Hatred's Fount: illustrated
Maybe Cynthia
Creed for the '80s
Darrell: One Darrell: II The Crimson Rose Leave the Light

What Do We Now Think About Mother


sad angry

You Can't Smell The Stench If Your Nose Is Blocked

Park    Sept 99

Jane wants...    2nd August 1999

email:     15th Feb 99

two lives:    2nd August 1999

the spirit of my brother, Bear 21st August 99

The Enigma of Consciousness August 2002


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