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new road kill: feb 2010

train memory: mar 2010

untitled: if we really: jan 2010

untitled: such a short time... : sept 2010

thin as smoke: aug 2010

politically: dec 2010

Cleopatra on the Nile    nov 2010

untitled: if only...      oct 2010

a lonesome poem: new years eve 09/10

a snarl:    Dec 2006

past lives

the battle of grovenor square

taxi drivers song

road-sweeper's song

Sulky Tantrum    autumn 2003

fleet river

a purging poem


... an obsession

under the tongue

the pheasant

procession of changes

the sand goblin's song

karin's hair-band


Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

my motor car

the cock on the dunghill

grown fat

Losers Cycle August/September 99

Shit into Compost    15th August 1999

an aphorism for the angry:   8th June 1999

The Burning of the Vegetables    autumn 2003




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