Norman Allan
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and more poems (recent, relatively)


untitled: at the bottom of the glass... nov 09

all I could do was scream: summer 09

inattention and a sagging roof
seen through the window
while breaking from meditating
to write down sundry thoughts
: feb 2009

face: by Siyi Zhnag, translated by Norman Allan: Nov 08

amanda's dream:   july 08

untitled poem: Corran...   july 08

a could not:   june 08

Dear Watch Tower:   apr 08

5 30 10 03 08:  mar 08

I don't see...   august 07

codger's songs: 2000s, illustrated Dec 07

damaged     oct 07

a despair    sept 07

Dog Days:   august 07

The Five Passions:   august 07

untitled: Teddie wants.. july 07

this:   july 07

haiku: mayjunefirst07

Ivy's theatre   Nov 2005

babbu    Nov 2005

this isn't about me     summer of 2004, revised Aug 2005

men again   May 2005

London, now and then    Aug 1997 and Jan 2005

...response to Dionysos   Jan 2005

Untitled Search for Significance Dec 2004

Mind, the poem    Oct 2002

Dying  June 2002

Airport Ruminations   Sept 2000

untitled: I'm turning:    oct 09