33 pieces


Come Clouds  1969

Chunky's Poem  1971

Searchlights Wrack the Valley of Jordan  '70s
Virgo Through Scorpio '70s

Roots   1972 the Swastika '70s Twilight 1973
road-sweeper's song 1974 A Strut for Alice 1975 fleet river '70s The Ice-cream Parlour 1978 taxi drivers song '80s Untitled: "my problem..." '80s Thank you Lord for the Flowers '80s The Bourgeois Blues '80s Deebee Says '80s I Am His Own Devil '80s The Baby with the Bath Water '80s Consider the Lilies '80s Reincarnation '90s Love's reply    '90s Tell Me Christmas '90s Untitled "she's walking..." '90s past lives '90s To Rosamunda    2000 the little red piece of glass for Seth     Jan 2002 God is a Person Feb 2002 My Baby  Mar 2004 Optimise  July 2004 Baby Blue    Sept 2004 ...respose to Dionysos   Jan 2005 snowflake