God is a person

the One that is
is a person
and I am alive in It

Mathew claims
that the One is a person
which one?
the One that is that that it is
is a person
and all that there is
is in Him
of course
and all that there is
is His

note that all that isn't isn't
so we don't have to think about it
because its rather murky
it can be quirky
so let's just say that that's that

I is
that is the answer to this quiz
though just what it means ain't so obvious

you see we are all part of that being
that is All and everything
which is a person in the sense that
It's a being and a being
in this sense
is an "I"
is a self
is a person

there are some though who say that
God isn't in the creation
She simply created it
but it's just a hop skip and jump
between Kingdoms
particularly from God on down
that's why they say
She meets us halfway
She/He's reaching out to us

Buddy God

so who is this person?
Jesus? Krishna?
and is He going to sit down with us
and have a natter?
and does it matter?

cause you know
the Buddha was one with the cosmic mind
and he said leave all of this behind
there's bliss inside this heart of mine
and Grace is for the taking




image aguired from www.explosiontoys.com/store/com057.html