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A discussion of the mechanism of "ultradilution" / homeopathic "potentisation":
oscillating dipoles/quantum coherence domains, nano-particles, and such
Some Key Points


  A satisfactory explanation of ultradilution/potentisation should address the following manifestations, observations, and data…

i: clinical, "scientific", and anecdotal evidence of the biological and psychological activity of"remedies" at dilutions beyond Avogadro's number…

: the importance of "succussion" or vortexing (agitation) in the potentisation/ultradilution process…

iii: the observation, in the Sainte-Laudy and Benveniste's ultradilute IgE antigen model (see 2), and in the Eweida DNA Southern blot model (1, 2),that only certain dilutions show "physical-molecular activity", and that the activity comes and goes. (note that in both

the IgE and the dot blot models, the first recurrence of activity is at the 15, 16, 17 or 18th iteration.)

iv: the suggestion in the work of Benveniste (DigiBio), Montagnier, and Smith and Munro (3) that ultradilute/potentised "remedies" "broadcast" e.m. signals.


DNA binding at 10-16 and 10-26


v: that only very specific iterations are active on
molecular mechanism while the Kentian potencies (6, 30, 200, 1000) appear to be effective clinical…

vi: the first recurrence (both in Belon & St. Laudy degranulation work and Eweida and AbouHaider's Southern blots) occurs at the 15th to 18th iteration/"dilution" (most often at the 16th)... whereas in the stretch and fold models of Poincare's recurrence the first partial recurrence is at 48 interation and the first full recurrence is at the 241st.


vii: last and least, an observation that higher potencies work on higher organisms: simpler systems respond only to low potencies? (this is new to me)

(Note: the DNA dot blot work is critical to understanding the phenomenon, so please consult the references 1, 2 (letter to Homeopathy is a brief description. Beyond Substance a full discussion.))




  page 2: Some Key Points: in first draft order

              Specificity of dilutions/potencies

              Poincare's Recurrence …

page 3: Specificity of the signal:

              Importance of succussion:
 "the magician's rope"(a thought experiment)

page 4: The provenience of ultradilute IgE

              The ability of water to carry complex signals:
  the work of Emilio del Giudice
              oscillating dipoles
and "quantum coherent domains":

page 5: Nano-particles:

              ~ Container Fragments:
              ~ "Source" Material:

~ Quantum Coherence Domains:

page 6: Subharmonics:

              Specificity of dilution/potency in molecular reactions:
              an implication

              Second harmonic generation (SHG):

page 7: Piezoelectricity and transduction…


              The Body Electric (Piezoelectric):

page 8: appendix 1

              Emelio del Giudice





a realisation about the actually remarkable congruence between Beneviniste's IgE and Eweida's DNA dot blot data


see also:
some thoughts about

The Substance of Life
and some of the
Foundations of Consciousness


the signal appears to be changing in
a "harmonic" fashion and so might exhibit
"Poincare's recurrence": (it is natural for iterative functions to change and recur thus..

the dilution/agitation generates harmonic,
but the signal will lose amplitude: "white noise"/resonance amplifies

those who know the physics and can do the math find that water resonates with what is in it, and what it is in: what it's next to...
hint, its a quantal quasi-free electron proton plasma: a cohesive "dipole" domain

there are fragments even beyond Avogado's:
~ detritus from container
~ and the (charged) nanobubbles hold on to the molecules of the "mother"substance, and you might scoup these up and preserve, retain them; what's his name thinks
~ the coherent domains might manifest as gel-like distict aqueous domains/corpusles

is there a subharmonic manifestation in this (for the drop in a hundred its a dispersing radiating invading thing. is it going deeper, wider? (surely: bringing those megaHz down neural sizes)

if only particular iteration have molecular active: then the body must surely be permutating, reiterating the signals:
ringing the changes.

there is a latticed metacrystal
alive (with water) and electricity:
an instrument of vibration oscilation,
a field of mass/movement (phonon) :
e.m. field/photon emitting:
electiric field/charge(dipole)
(look at the chapter on bone/living crystal)








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