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A discussion of mechanism of "ultradilution" / homeopathic "potentisation":
oscillating dipoles/quantum coherence domains, nano-particles, and such
Some Key Points



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Subharmonics: note, in the dilution process (which the homeopaths have traditionally called "potentiation"), if we imagine this is happening in "bulk water", and if we use the "magicians rope" analogy, it might seem intuitively apparent that we will be generating both harmonics and subharmonics of the original pattern. The generation of subharmonics might translate the relatively high frequency signals molecules are generating, to the much lower frequency patterns we may expect to find in neural nets. However, note, that del Giudice's Coherent Domains (or Lo's "stable water clusters" ) are not bulk water, but rather "nano-corpuscles), that might accommodate the generation of harmonics rather than subharmonics. (See also: second harmonic generation, which is also one directional) [but see also the footnote below on this page]]

Specificity of dilution/potency in molecular reactions: an implication
: the patterning, the signal, in the ultradilute dot blot is specific enough to bind one species of DNA (but not a close cousin's). This suggests that homeopathic remedies may interact with specific molecules (cell receptors, ionophores, etc.). Further, only specific dilutions/potencies are active. Yet in the (rather dominant) Kentian practice of homeopathy only the 6th 30th 200th and 1000th centesimal dilutions are used. And this suggests that the body "rings the changes". (I've speculated over the decades that bone is the ultimate electric field processor - where the harmonic might get done, and spoken somewhat poeticly that the sublingual locus for, site of the application of the signal is in the arena of the mandible and under the dome of the palate)

Second harmonic generation (SHG): "SHG (also called frequency doubling) is a nonlinear optical process in which photons with the same frequency interacting with a nonlinear material are effectively "combined" to generate new photons with twice the energy and therefore twice the frequency and half the wavelength of the initial photon." SHG is only allowed in mediums without inversion symmetry [apparently] because of the non-zero second harmonic coefficient, only non-centrosymmetric structures are capable of emitting SHG light. One such structure is collagen… " wikisays
          (Note, though, that this mechanism may not necessarily allow the generation of subharmonics.)

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 footnote: from 13: Del Giudice and Tedeschi: Water and the Autocatalysis in Living Matter, Electromagnetic biology and Medicine 2009 28:1 ... "An ensemble of water CDs traversed by the same flow of energy and in contact with the same biomolecules gets then a chance, according to the general theorm of Preparata, to develop in turn a coherence producing a coherent set of coherence domains. This process can further iterate producing a hierarchy of levels of coherence, that starting from the tiny domains of mater molecules large 0.1 mm could reach eventually the size of cells, organs, tissues, plants, animals, ecosystems." This may then mean that we can comtemplate the incorporation of subharmonics into these systems and the ultradilution phenonena.



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