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A discussion of mechanism of "ultradilution" / homeopathic "potentisation":
oscillating dipoles/quantum coherence domains, nano-particles, and such
Some Key Points



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Piezoelectricity and transduction…

It is my understanding that "piezoelectrical" materials transduce incident mechanical/phonon, e.m radiation/photon and electrical phenomena/charge into each other/into one another (i.e. a mechanical force will be transduced into light/radiation and charge; charge will be transduced to movement and light; light to movement and charge).

"Piezoelectricity" is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins in response to applied mechanical stress: wikisays


Collagen, itself, is piezoelectric. It is an Å smectic liquid crystal, a rectilinear system, in which we might expect superconductivity for high-frequency signals (Feynman), with streaming potentials, currents., and proton superconductivity, and it has the capacity for second harmonic generation.

Hydration and Collagen: hydration is critical to the electrical properties of collagen.


The Body Electric (Piezoelectric)
: when we place a homeopathic remedy under the tongue is it like an
aspirin dissolving into our fluids? or
is the signal radiating sublingually
in the arena of the mandible,
under the dome of the hard palate?
         Bone is a living meta-crystal,
billions, trillions of crystal chips
in an electric lattice of collagen …


 Note: The observation that higher potencies work
on higher organisms
and that simpler systems respond only to low potencies, might correlate with the presence or absence of bone crystal as a receiver and moderator of these signals.
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