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A discussion of mechanism of "ultradilution" / homeopathic "potentisation":
oscillating dipoles/quantum coherence domains, nano-particles, and such
Some Key Points



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Specificity of dilutions/potencies

Poincare's Recurrence

 Some Key Points: in first draft order

Specificity of dilutions/potencies

The observation that "activity" occurs only at specific dilutions/potencies and that the "activity" is lost at some iterations but then returns, suggests that the dilution/ potentisation process may involve the harmonic(1) overlaying of the signals where we may expect Poincaré's recurrence (4). (For a fuller explanation of this statement see my essay: Allan, "Beyond Substance"1).

Poincare's Recurrence …

With each dilution iteration changes occur in the "signal". All the information may still be there, implicitly, but the manifest patterns change. To explain this let me pass on an example Ian Stewart (5) gives of "Poincare's recurrence".

If I understand … if we take a picture, say a portrait of Poincare (a nineteenth century mathematician and a great hero to students of "Chaos Theory"), if we take this picture and stretch it out diagonally, and then fold it back on itself, needless to say, we distort the original picture. If we take the new distorted picture and repeat the process, stretch it out and fold it back on itself, by now the original picture is indistinguishable. Go on repeating the process, stretching and folding, until there are just these squashed together diagonal "lines" like an old out of kilter T.V. set.
          Note that this process is at once an "iteration" and also analogous to the generation of harmonics. And if we continue with this process we will see something quite remarkable. At the 48th iteration we will see multiple facsimiles of the original portrait superimposed on one another (and at multiples of 48), and then at other stages in the process a complete representation of the original picture returns!
          The first complete recurrence is the 241st iteration…


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 "If a transformation is applied repeatedly to a mathematical system, and the system cannot leave a bounded region, it must return infinitely often to states near its original state"(4). Meanwhile we see that with each iteration, or with each dilution, we change the pattern, the information, as it is manifested. For example, in one of the DNA dot blots the pattern came back into space/charge congruence with the original pattern at the 18th and 25th "iteration". 

Note: St. Laudy and Belon, in more than two decades of degranulation work, and in the several Southern blot of which I am cognicent, the first recurrence of biological/biochemical activity was seen at the 15th, 16th, 17th, or 18th iteration.
(The stretch and fold demonstration of Poincare's Recurrence described above does not account for the early recurrence seen in ultradilution/"potentisation".)


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