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Norman Allan : the story
book two: secrets
chapter ten: the devil's story


  Chapter 1: Maybe Cynthia                        Chapter 6: painting the city
Chapter 2: Past Lifes                                    Chapter 7: Three Portraits of Lucky
Chapter 3: Stoner                                          Chapter 8: Creep
Chapter:4: the Sacred                                   Chapter 9:The Psychic Lover
Chapter 5: Spring 2015                                Chapter: 10: the Devil's Story

Chapter 10: the Devil's Story: so far



i really should be writing "the devil's story". it's promised him two years (though the clock may not be ticking...

when i got home, the glass of my wrist watch was gone...
(it ran for perhaps a year, but now has stopped)

"note" was thought
mark this

had i conjured a meeting with the dev'l
by asking who what are Thou
was I asking Him to show Himself
might He mannifest?
(why offer Him the honorific Haych?
why piss Him off?)

In Book One, Chapter Two, I spoke of spirit answering when envoked
(Spirit: an atheist's guide to the divine.) At the time, and still, I thought that
spirit "speaking" posits a devine

So, if a I enquire of the demonic, if I ask , "Is there a Dark Lord?", wll I be answered. (A very foolhardy thing to ask, but i could not stop myself.) And indeed there was an answer, though rather partial: a drug associated manifestation of the Luciferene

First there were those spider bites. Wicked, they were. And the ritual sacrifice of the sofa (just in case, just in case)
And the wasp stung lip anaphalaxing : think epipin epipin and off to the hospital with clown face.

And then there was Luq.




I met the Devil today! My Mephistopheles. To me he appeared as The Ordinary Man (in Memnoch, Ann Rice's book about her vampire meeting the Devil, she refers to an earlier encounter with him as (in the guise of) "the Ordinary Man" - I trust she'll be happy with my glomming onto that terminology). I met The Ordinary Man a few weeks ago, and he seemed just an ordinary man, and we smoked some weed. Luq's said, "If the dope don't sembly 'psychotic' don't think much of it that weed."


I've written about Luq and his pal Zander

My friend Luq just told me how he had lost all his writing. Twenty years of material. It happened in the custody battle over the dog, Zander. "Do you know what that's like?" Luq asked, and I like a Trump answered, "Yes," cause I'd lost a the short story length piece telling of my three days supply teaching in Whitehawk, and forty years on I have not got round yet to rewriting it (what self absorption). I told Luq the story. He says(paradoxically, cause he isn't rewriting?), he says "Write it!". I will, but not here in the "Devil's Story". I'll write it in Book Three Chapter Two: Current Work. Luq lost everything
In a custody battle over the dog! He got jailed for



three days. When He got home, his computer, and all his writings were gone.
     Mind, I've just lost the first dozen pages of Book Three: Chapter Four: Ted Allan in Spain: the graphic novel. And redone them.

You may recall my mentioning, a few chapters back, that Luq appeared to me to be the "anti-creep".
      I think it was the first time I went back to his house that he recited Corintian's 1:13 ("If I should speak with the tongue of men and angels, but have not love..."):
Luq recited it in Jamacian patois. "Ef mi kuda taak aal a di langwij dem iina di worl..." And, it was as powerful and moving as any spoken word I've ever heard for me. Beyond hip hop. Wow. (Oh: you can hear a version at the "Bible Society" website on-line (click here) (So I mention this because I want to convey what a high opinion I hold of my friend Luq.)

       It was two years ago now that I met Luq. I was walking in the park, to see the dogs, perhaps to meet a dog, (they'll give you such friendship, play with you, right off the bat, like a baby…) and I saw a dog that for a moment I thought looked just like Lucky… I thought in that first moment that he was Lucky! But no. Much darker. Less mottled. He's called Zander, and he's like and not like Lucky.
      's owner, Luq and Zander live on my street, but below the tracks. Raven Street breaks for the train tracks, He live's below the tracks (near our little East India…) Luk is not like the Devil. He is a nice man, with your ordinary history. Speaks Toronto when not reciting poetry. He's Caucasian, possibly

from the Caucauses. He felt familiar, but at some point something strange and devilish happened. Oh, it's easily put aside, but I met the Devil in there somewhere. I'll tell the story, the story of our meeting - and I truste that's the deal, that that gets him "behind me", and away. Oh, and with that… not surprisingly, I decided that Norman Allan: the story for Ezra needed to be several volumes long.

It is two years on since I met Luq. It doesn't surprise me that I have been reluctant to write this story. I'm going to go back to the first draft I wrote back then, soon after our meeting.... but I am going to embellish and flesh it out!

"I met the Devil today! My Mephistopheles. To me he appeared as The Ordinary Man (in Memnoch, Ann Rice's book about her vampire meeting the Devil, she refers to an earlier encounter with him as (in the guise of) "the Ordinary Man" - I trust she'll be happy with my glomming onto that terminology).
      We toked up and I was totally discombonulated and the thoughts and words fell apart and I said (hold on, hold on, there's lots goning on in here) I said aloud "I'm totally trip out."
       At this Luq leaped
leaped up… "Alright then…" he said, and he turned on his lap top which was on a stand and this noise came blaring, this loud screaming tones that are like your supposed brain-tuning-type-tones. And with that he put an object like your snowstorm globe, but electrical. "Albert gave me this," he says. And it strobbed, bright. A loud loud visual thing.
       Meanwhile on the computer, the screen saver was a picture of a fortune cookie which read - you will never have financial worries - and Luq nodded at it and said "I got this fortune cookie in my teens. I knew it was special and I knew it was true, and I've never had any financial worries." That was the only time I'd seen Luq smug.
I need to back track a moment. That week Luq and I had talked about the psychodelic drug, DMT. Luk said he had once taken it and it was all that they said it was. He was eager to take it again.


      And what is it that they say about DMT? Luq was saying that he has only taken itonce, what they say about it is true, and he would like to do it again.
     Now i'm an old dude and it's decades since i've dared psychodelics. And somehow what they say about DMT scares me. It is fast, when you pass through the barrior, you may think deja vu, It is then realatively brief : 10 15 minutes max. and you are likely to meet spirits, aliens, others.

And as I say of the smoking up we have just done that I am totally blown away, Luq lept up like a circus barker, blared mind numbing static and strobe fllashed me, (told me he had a magic talisman that took him passed karma) : and now, ta da, he was going to play me some videos on DMT.

DMT, and DMT receptors are apparently in all us, in most living things.

So I am thinking, this is like a vaudville comics surreal skit-like presentation of a demonic huckster: wow... being comicly apparently tempted into smoking the devil's mint tea...
and then in the third short video... a character like your old twead jacketeed headmaster walks towards the camera, into close up, and a black lizards toungue erupt from his mouth splitting ope its whole head...
      and i was sure somewhat freaked... paranoid they say... not relating to Lug... what was he... cat's paw (hypnotized?) what
     "I have to go home."

Oh, and Luq followed me some of the way in his car, "Are you alright?"

And thinking, if all this is the devil (relatively extremely unmalevalently) manifesting to me, I'll offer to write His story, and He'll let me be at least till then.
       (Another time another Lucerfereen Luq asked me for a poem that's in my reserves.)

And arriving home I discovered the glass of my wristwatch gone.



My friend Meena, who practice Fenh Shui, had said, of my finacial discomfort, that I should but images associated with prosperity in the "prospertiy corner" of the front room (that being the back corner to the right of the door), so I had purchased, and hung, a small image of Lakshmi and another of Gayatri, oh and little statue of Ganesha above the door there. That's not that much different from the fortune cookie, is it?

When I invoked spirit, spirit answered, "I'm here!"

When I wondered if there were a Dark Lord I was shown nuisense and mischieve : spider bites and pantomime.

I need to learn more abot the Devil.
I must continue His story in Book Three...

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