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Norman Allan : the story for Ezra
book three: towards joy
chapter one: God in the Tree
Chapter 1:God in the Tree                    
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Chapter 3:   Dr. Allan's Medicine Show                       
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Chapter 1: God in the Tree



As summer ended we sat an evening hour on the porch. I bitched about Tee's guru. "Don't complain," said Ezra.
     "Don't slag the guru?" I asked.
     "Don't slag the guru!"
      Good thing you said that, Ee. I've a dozen little snide comments to round out my sketch of Ez. (1) I had managed, earlier in the summer, to read NA:tsfE:B2 Chapter 5: Spring 2015 (2), which was written in part to bring Ee up to date, but the unfinished Chapter 6, we tangented off...
     "Book Three should be the good things. Towards joy. I'll commission that!" Ah, did we set a fee?
     Did we fold back into our discussion/arguement about whether God is just the good, just the benign Lord that Ezra sees in the light, and in the shade, Who talks to Ez.
      My "God" is all and everything: everything that is possible: so my God is responsible for everything, for Auschwitz as well as flowers and smiles.
     Ee went pensive. "Things go better if you agree."
     Yes, Ez. I agreed. And things went better.

I wrote in Chapter 6 how Ezra suggested I go out into the city streets. Become an artist of the streets, of the people. "Show your work and let people see you working. Put out a hat." And in Chapter 6: the substance of Life, and Painting the City I've documented the first few outings, including this below...

At the corner of Augusta and Oxford....


Ez says, "Painting me a tree. I see God in the trees."
     Across the road from where we sat by Wanda's Pie... is a tree. Ee smoked his cigarette... and I drew Ezra the tree across over on the west side of Augusta.



"That's beautiful," said Ezra, "but I don't see God. Don't see the light."
      I crossed the street and sat beneath the tree.

"Beautiful. Where is God?" asked Ezra. "I see God in the tree, in the bark,
when I look. In the light."


    In the Waite tarot pack,
    I have read of the Tower...
    a description that spoke
    of the flecks
    of fire, light,
    round the lightnings struck tower
    as being the hebrew letter "Yod",
    for Jah,
    flecks of God light



"Ah. There is God in the tree," said Ezra.


God in a tree
in the city


a movement towards joy



CODA: a definition of God... 2 concepts J as a&z, J as inspiration/spirit

"God is inspiration. God is not responsible for anything. ... "

God the all and everything visa ve Spirit/intention/Manitou














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