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Norman Allan : the story for Ezra
book three: towards joy
footnotes for chapter one:
from spiralling ecstatically this...
a snit with Ezra and an ode to me

which I don't necessarily recommend    I think I'd recommend starting with Book two: Chapter one, and then Book one: Chapters one and two, and then shuffle.. 

Doer: at his poetry series, Doer spoke of up coming events. "I have no-one booked for June. If anyone would like to perform, come and see me afterwards."
    I waited till everyone who wanted to speak to him had finished. Then complemented him of the new venue, and asked about, offered to feature in June.
   Doer never answered. Paused three beats, and turned away, without speaking.

   (Doer is mean, mean like Mordecai. Mordecai had talent and intense intelligence. Doer might have a bit of the later. So now I have Doer for my right side, an "enemy"for the benediction. May Doer be well... ) {oh and Ma Bramayana says may the wicked become noble...(see foot note: insert footnote)


 1: my story (NA:tsfE) was commissioned by Ezra in 2014 and in 2015 he paid me $100 for the first volume. There was some talk of perhaps another installment for a volume on happiness and the good things... and here that is (perhaps without commission) volume three: towards joy...    but/and as Ee points out there are other even hungerier artist amongst his circle 

I used the term: ...
     Did we fold back into our discussion/arguement about whether God is just the good, just the benign Lord that Ezra sees in the light, and in the shade, Who talks to Ez.
      My "God" is all and everything: everything that is possible: so my God is responsible for everything, for Auschwitz as well as flowers and smiles.
     Ee went pensive. "Things go better if you agree."
     Yes, Ez. I agreed. And things went better.


Ee i know this is overthe top but i can't resist it

  even as a kid! moon in your eyes  
i read spiraling 3 time through (with music) at Linda's salon, and someone said they liked the chorus
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