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Norman Allan : the story
book two: secrets
chapter nine: the psychic girlfriend
Chapter 1: Maybe Cynthia                        Chapter 6: the substance of life and painting the city
Chapter 2: Past Lifes                                    Chapter 7: Three Portraits of Lucky
Chapter 3: Stoner                                          Chapter 8: Creep
Chapter:4: the Sacred                                   Chapter 9:The Psychic Lover
Chapter 5: Spring 2015                                Chapter: 10: the Devil's Story

Chapter 9: the psychic girl friend


  Norman Allan: the story
book two: secrets

Chapter nine: The Psychic Girlfriend

Once upon a time (a little before we met) Jaye Kaye (my psychic girlfriend) had a "Kundalini Experience". Some might call it "a spiritual awakening". Some might call it "a psychotic break". It was sudden, out of the blue. It lasted two and a half days, after which she woke, as it were, and found herself walking by the side of the Don Valley Parkway, on a Sunday morning. Not much traffic. She made her way home.
     During the episode Jaye learned some interesting things. For instance, she discovered that she was a princess from another planet sent to earth to train for a cosmic mission. Then, too, she remembered that she had been trained, eight thousand years ago, under the guidance of an Egyptian spiritual master, Ramiata, and that, indeed, she wasn't simply Jaye Kaye, a "promising young actress" - she was Hermanatray, High Priestess of the First Dynasty. Further, she found that she could read minds, and that she knew what was about to happen, could see the future. She saw auras, and beyond. The most ordinary thing about Jaye Kaye, at this time, was that she wondered, she worried, whether she might be insane. Her friend, Marian, brought her to see me.
     I was enthralled. Teresa and I were splitting apart. (It's a good thing that I've finally finished writing the "creep" chapter.) I fell under Jaye Kaye's spell.
     "I'm from Prague. I am a Bohemian," Jaye told me on our meeting. I don't think it was at that meeting, I think it was latter, that she elaborated, "We Bohemians have the sweetest pussies." And we fucked like bunnies, Jaye and I. For a while. For a few years. And I learned about the life of a psychic… A psychic who had trained eight thousand years ago under Ramiata. When, later, Jaye went on to write books about her experience, Ramiata's teachings and her life in the temple in Memphis were the featured event. (1)
     But the temple life in Memphis was not the main hook for me. It was Jaye's healing powers and her "psychic abilities" that fascinated me, as did the cosmic alien princess stuff. We would do a "regression" exercise: "You are ten years old… five… two… one… in the womb… eight months… seven…" counting down to conception, and then… then Jaye would find herself in the space ship, the UFO, orbiting the Earth, a high orbit, hidden behind the moon..
     Jaye had been beamed to the ship, from far away, a quarter of the way around the galactic whirl, wheel, beamed into a cloned body on the ship. Then on one occasion, they, the attending robots, took eight cells, extricated from Jay's new body - quite large the cells, glowing like gems, five green and three red "cells" floating there in the air in front of her. And these were inserted intothe body of her unconscious, abducted, mother. That was the "conception" of her earth/now body - she was implanted into her surrogate mother to be. (Her mother's husband, her "father", a doctor, was a dissident and when Jay was eighteen months old Janic's body was found beaten and drowned in Prague's River Vlatava )
     Her mother, I learned, was quite crazy - highly functional (a nurse), but mad. She would lock Jaye outside the apartment at any and all hours for unpredictable reason. "I don't like the way you are looking at me. Go sit on the stairs." Sent to sit on the outside steps, in any weather.

In the early years of her "ministry", of our "relationship", Jaye had a modest little experimental gig as a psychic healer. Once a week, Wednesday evenings, for three years she would see her patients at my clinic. And I would observe.
     A list: after working with energy, it can be useful to "ground" by placing your hands in water.
     Jaye Kaye observed that there are about fifty different, separate and distinct energy systems in the human field. The appropriate systems would just present themselves to her for her attention. (Of note: John Upledger, the innovator of CranioSacral Therapy, worked with a physicist colleague, Pat Mahon, who speculate that there were up to fifty separate energy fields…)
     Jaye Kaye would often delight in unfolding the Solar Plexus related energy wheel (chakra?) from her patients and work on it expanded in the room. "It unfolds like a carousel!"
     Her work with my multiple friend, Justin, an exorcism, was striking. I've written about that in an essay, "My Multiple Friend". On six occasion, Justin being one, clients came for exorcisms, came to ask Jaye Kaye to remove 'entities", On three of these occasions she confided in me that the "entities" were fictions of the clients imagination. With three of the clients, however (and this included Justin), she "negotiated" with the entities, inviting them, convincing them to leave.
     She also worked with patients remotely, in the Czech Republic, in Australia, and various parts of the States. And this was intriguing to watch, Kaye communicating over the phone and making mesmeric passes over an imagined body here in the room. Patients responded particularly well to these remote healings.
     Did Jaye do miracles? Well, not particularly. Results depended a lot on the subject's relationship to the "healer", on their faith. Striking was a young chiropractic student, bent over with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Dalton had enthusiasm, rather than faith, and straightened out remarkably over several sessions.

Oh... one the most remarkable "psychic stories", the thing that made it all seem real to me, was Frank Lowen reaction. Frank taught Visceral Manipulation in North America (for the Upledger Institute). Taking the first module, it became apparent to me, that when Frank was demonstrating "healings" on us students, he wasn't simply working with the techniques that he was teaching us, but seemed to be working with other subtle energetic systems.
     The second day of the workshop, I got Jaye to come along to the seminar, just before we finished for the day, and I introduced her to Frank Lowen. Frank greeted her, and then did a "double take". He walked around her much like a dog circling a new canine acquaintance, examined her… Then, with wide eyes, Frank explained that he saw energies and auras. Most folk have three tiers to their aura… no rephrase that, more definitely: humans have three strata to their aura, as indeed many mystic have told us. But Frank saw that Jaye had a singular, and intense, auric field, and that was unique in Frank's experience.
     (Frank and Jaye kept in touch for years: he as a teacher to her in many ways.)


Oh. And I gave up smoking weed. Jaye's ex. Jake's dad, was a solid toker, and Jay had found his toking a problem. I felt I was due a break, a holiday from psychedelics. So I swore off. For six years.

House keeping. I moved into Jaye Kaye's apartment Maitland, with her and her cat, Me, and me and my cat, Sativa. Me cat was a darling. Sativa was a bit of a grump. Jaye's 14 year old son, Jake, would visit. The house was really too small for the family. We moved to a townhouse on Bright Street, not far from the "river".
    Before the move, those early days, I remember Jaye and I walking - round the corner from home - down Yonge Street (the main drag): Jaye asked me what I wanted for myself. (Wanted from the Guardians of the Universe, it was understood. She'd only to ask and it would be given, granted.) I asked for world peace. (What a goody!) She let me know it had been granted, but would take about fifty years to fully manifest. I would still be alive. (I'd be a hundred!) She would look no different then then she did then. (I have to LOL a bit. Sorry.
    It is twenty years on now, and Jaye has put on a lot of weight. Am i still hopeful about the world peace? Yeah, let's be optimistic)


Soon after we moved to Bright Street, I remember a night: we we in a field not far from home, where the streets began to merge with the highway, some small fields, lawns, between them: Jaye engaged in a long conversation, discussion, with "The Big Fellow" (her peronal name for the Dark Lord): it was a disposition, an arranging things. So she told me. No smell of sulfur! No feel of evil. "No evil can come near me,' said Jaye.
     And I thought this might segue to some talk of the devil. I plan to dedicate the next chapter to "the Devil's story": at least to make start. (I've been trying to research him - but I'm not very thorough and not getting close. Anne Rice's "Memnoch The Devil" is a fun read, but not germane; and I find Goethe's "Faust" is a terrible bore. And what was that Buddhist book? Mara was delusion, there, more than malice. Mayhem we'll have to wait, till chapter ten, to begin...

Twenty years on world peace still seems illusive, and Jaye is a large round middle aged psychic and life-style guru, married now to her best friend's son... 
and how appropriate that overlapping my writing about the psychic girlfriend, I have a new psychic! Not a girl friend, but you, dear reader, will hear of her. Well, there were two... last autumn, September, encounter with a seer, and October, an involvement with another, both with the same reading? scourcing? for me...
      I was told that   I had done my work   and I was about to be reward, all my heart's desires, recognition; wealth, the works, alll my heart's desires. Wow. But not al at once. Over an unfolding period of "Three months, six months, nine months."
      We are approaching that nine months... am I holding my breath?

The new psychic 's called Zum. Zum is from some mountain tribe, though she suffered an English schooling, and she says that she is sourcing "Source"... and source says, "everything is groovy," groovy to the nth! Apparently, I am about to receive all my heart desires... I just said that, eh?" Zum said just a little patience... it's in the post. "gestation... three month, six months, nine months, everything (I will be recognised, feted....)



Have I not written about JK and the dogs? surely Jaye needed dogs, needed a dog, because... her mother used to buy her dogs, and then give them away. So heard of the beagle, and when we went to maybe look' Jaye had to have the beagle. She came with the name Rita, and she was adorable. Do I have pictures?

And because I walked Rita, while Jaye finished her short film - she was at school... though Jaye fed her, Rita imprinted on me. And anyway, jaye always wanted, needed now a cattle dog. So the first 6 months I didn't pat Lucky. And to massage Jake Kaye's feet with Luck present it had to be done under a blanket.

The, what, three four years along Jaye says: "my life style has changed. I don't have time for the dogs. Find them a good home. So I did. I adopted them. My best friends ever.

In later years I would say, "I got the dogs: she got the house," and that was basically the size of it.


have I already posted the Megwitch Hyra poem. and the sofa images?

and reference the Beagle Burning poem


we are coming up on a year since the psychic predictions : predictions... from source no less. You would have thunk that the Jake Kaye thing would wised me.
     I haven't seen (or barely) Sier since that intense ten days.
She twice did that (for me big sister thing)... made arrangement to do things with me, but then had other priorities, see you later. And my big sister says let them diss you three times shame on you. So I've not seen Sier after interacting so close and intensely... and I've not seen the wonderful things she predicted, from Source... yet.

So back a couple of decades, with Jaye Kaye, there are a few things worth recalling. I wrote of one in "An "Ah-ha" about the "Master"
: wrote... "I had an insight today. I was taking Tee's guru's weekend meditation course, and a penny dropped. But let me take you back a step… I've been searching awhile, that spiritual stuff. I've been deeply involved in "Native Spirituality". A very important part of those practices is the ritual of "smudging"; cleansing with the smoke of medicine herbs: sage, cedar, sweetgrass. Then I worked a while with a "spiritual healer" and she would often have me smudge her patients. She once asked me, "Where do you think the cleansing, healing power comes from when you smudge?"
     "From the cedar," of course I answered.
     "No," she said. "Maybe twenty percent comes from the cedar. The rest comes form you."
      So it seems that we may use the smudge to "tune" our energies. We tune to the vibration of the smudge. Perhaps it's the same principle at work with people who play with crystal healing: the gem stones may help patients tune to certain vibrations.
A word about vibrations: recent research has shown that simple, quiet, low amplitude vibrations can increase our bone mass, muscle mass (and cause weight loss!): simple low frequency vibrations. Hmm? Then what does chanting "Om" do?
     So the penny dropped, for me, watching Mahaliny's eyes light when she spoke to me of her first teacher, Amma. I saw how brightly the resonance can glow. I could feel the guru shining there. So, in part, that's what the Master's for: not just a verbal guide, but he can help us tune in: we can resonate with the Master's vibration to actually attune to the "higher" conscious, experience."
  If I am not forgetting any amazing stories, it doesn't read that there was that much special about the psychic girlfriend. A few little odds and ends to tidy up.  

            "heat" from hands
     "not for self" rule          
 5 step field cleansing

new psychic


whasup Zum


where's my ship

  Maybe the neatest nicest bit of the story is/was the conversation with the tree. Was it cedar?
     Winter Ontario, driving to where? soon after JK and I had met, north of the city. So it's flattish, and snow covered, and we are out of the car, standing on the side of a tiny country road. The lake, the Georgian Bay, is not far away. Over there a hundred yards…. Here, by the side of the road, the white snow, the dark tree. One happy cedar, and Jaye asks…
     Oh, first, on the drive up from the city, Jay was telling me that, "When you send out a blessing to a tree, it bounces right back at you, the blessing, only stronger."
     So there on the winter road-side, Jaye says, "The tree is talking to you."
     And I ask, "What's it saying?"
     "Oh," says she "It says wind… sun… earth."

it's going to lead on to chapter 10, the devil's story

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