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Norman Allan : the story for Ezra
book three: towards joy
chapter three:
"Dr. Allan's Medicine Show"
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I'm not really sure how I'm going to organise this...






My Ph.D. is in neuroethology. Ethology is the zoological study of behaviour. (The famous ethologist is Jane Goodall [with her chimps]).

I studied/researched the vocal behaviour of baby chicks from a behavioural, a physiological (how it works physically), and a neurophysiological perspective. I have written and posted an article about this work at the cheeping of a chick.










I worked from 1983 to 1991 as Professor Bruce Pomeranz research associate. It was Bruce who showed in the mid 70s that acupuncture analgesia is mediated through endorphins. He traced out three of the neural pathways (a spinal, a cerebral, and a pituitary pathway) by which this occurs. I was involved in the lab, in the 80s, with research into the electrical behaviour of acupuncture points (and other studies).

An "elective" in acupuncture taught at the UofT medical school, at that time, was organised out of our lab. I audited the course twice. (And studied with other teachers and colleagues : count Anton Jayasariya among my teachers, along with ShuoLan Xiao, and Susan Hu )

I have practiced acupuncture clinically for 30 years.

I have designed, administered, and taught courses in acupuncture, and in doing so have studied the theoretical and philosophical aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine. That is to say, I can boast about my scientific, and my esoteric, understanding, in addition to my clinical competence in acupuncture.





There are many varieties of "chiropractic". I believe that quite the best is the Gonstead Technique, where we nudge the vertebra forward, back into place (rather than rotating). I believe that this is the most effective and safest, and among the most comfortable, of adjustive techniques. But it is hard to learn so only a few of us up here in Canada practice it.

I also work with muscle release and soft tissue techniques.

I have been practicing homeopathy for more than 30 years. And I have been involved (beginning in Pomeranz lab) in the state of art scientific exploration of this strange and wonderful phenomenon.
I have taken all the CranioSacral (and Visceral Manipulation) modules/levels offered by the Upledger institute: taking the "Advanced Level" with John Upledger in 1994.




I practice eclectic counseling that comes out of CranioSacral, psychoanalysis, bioenergetics, and something called autosomatic training (which though rooted in the body/feelings, still is very similar to Buddhist mindfulness). I think I can be very useful to you as a counselor, but wait on your intuition to find me.

I also use herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, and so called energy work.
There is a touch of shamanism in what I do.
    that's a start (at listing my expertice)..  
    Oh: for my background in "native spirituality", please ask. (It is not really appropriate to list my teachers here)  
    Likewise I am not sure it is appropriate to list my "spiritual" teachers and practices. Again, please ask if you are interested...  


starting Thursday 14th of July at 7:00 pm (and then on the second Thursday of month)
at the Mount Pleasant library (599 Mt. Pleasant)

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