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Quantum Existence

Lisa Randall, a physicist, reviewing Carlo Rovelli's book, "Reality in not what it Seems", takes issue with his statement: "Electrons don't always exist. They exist when they interact. They materialize... ." Randell objects: "Stocks may not achieve a precise value until they are traded, but that doesn't mean we can't approximate their worth... Similarly electrons might not have definite properties, but they do exist." I find this interesting because "stocks" are "information" about the "ownership" of a share, a percentage part of a "company" that can be traded for "money". "Stocks" (and "ownership" and "companies", and "money?) are an abstraction. So what is an electron when it is not being "measured": an abstraction? a potential? I would love to believe that things exist before they "happen" and are gone, perhaps as probabilities in the "mind" of the divine. So indeed then, might not the "existent" be that which manifests in the "Mind"?








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