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Norman Allan : the story for Ezra
book three: towards joy
chapter three:
"Dr. Allan's Medicine Show"







movement, gentle movement and vibrations, can be very healing. I hope to write about this here at length: but meanwhile I'm going to link you to several pages on my website that speak to this phenomenon.

~ and page on "good vibrations" speaks of two studies that show vibration increase musxcle and bone mass!

~ I have written about waves, vibration, frequency, (I am afraind you have to scroll down on this page: sorry) some of the basic scientific concepts, in my writing on vital energy

~we talk about "purring" near the bottom of that page. (forget the link. just scroll down here.)

~ and we talk about vibration on another page in that vital energy discussion (scroll down again)



Take away message: vibrrations can be very healthy and healing for you: so : you can't go wrong by chanting. (perhaps look at mantras on the "rituals" page.)

And, why don't we just repeat the information on purring here?


"we are going to have a discussion/forum about "higher" frequencies verses "lower" or "bass" frequencies (a little later): but here I'd like to mention a word about the frequencies observed in "purring"...

there is no more healing and comforting sound than a cat's purr, and the "fundamental" frequency there is 20 to 30 Hz (cycles a second), which is very bass!

                     27.5 Hz                                      middle C    A 440 Hz                                         4486 Hz

note, though, that there is also a higher frequency portion to this relatively "non-musical" ("white-ish") noise/sound.





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