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Norman Allan : the story for Ezra
book three: towards joy
chapter three:
"Dr. Allan's Medicine Show"




There are many things, quite important, that I don't know enough about. If you ask about them, I will try to find some useful answers for us (for next month).


~ diet

~ coconut oil: coconut oil is a "mono-unsaturated" oil, like olive oil: which is healthier than saturated oils (animal oils - "lard"), but less healthy then high-grade poly-unsatuates...
The thing about it is that it is more stable when heated then other unsaturated oils, so it is healthier to cook with coconut oil then with olive. Never cook with polyunsaturated oils!
       Is raw coconut oil healthier then the polyunsaturateds? Don't know.

~ dietary fats

~ jaggery (unprocessed sugar : a whole food?)

~ Tieh Ta Yao Gin

~ live blood, darkfield microscopy, plieomorphism


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