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there are so many files: the most important might be...

you'll find a discussion of
Hans Jenny's images of
vibrating liguids in an essays on


Beyond Substance: a molecular (DNA) demonstration of homeopathy and some of the things that teaches us about the patterning of the world.
The Seven Laws of Drama:
I don't see...: a recent poem
Professor Savage and the Wild: an observation on the occurance of cancer in the wild.
 Frances Penney-Bethune's letters to Ted Allan - half of what we know about Bethune comes from these letters.

 Granny Crow: a story about a Cheyenne survivor of the winter's-relocation-march and what she told her grandson
 Nurture, Nature, and Madness: details that childhood abuse is a major determinant of psychosis.
 Nature, Nurture and Gorginski's Mice: in determining "emotional" tone, it's the "vibe" (not genes) that count...
 Vie and the Sussex Student Strike: did Sean Linehan throw the red paint on the American press attache to protest Vietnam? A history of this historic (minor) event with the chief protagonist's (Sean's) comments.
 Betsy's Goddess: just a very nice story, I think.
 No Swastikas: Happy Auschwitz

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