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Short Stories







Betsy's Goddess


Betsy can see order in the chaos of her room. She adds Bergamot oil to my tea to conjure Earl Grey.

Matthew sees angels enfolding consciousness into our patterned minds. "Enfold" or "condense" are three dimensional words for n-dimensional concepts. The ancients used metaphors to speak to the blind, and wrote do-it-yourself manuals for the willing and able.

Matthew speaks of the "critical mass". There is more consciousness now on the face of the planet…

"That's strange," say I. In a millennium when there was a small fraction of the present population, Lao Tsu, the Buddha and Jesus manifested. Now, in the teeming billions, the Gods are gone.

Betsy says her friend was telling her that all the Goddesses have left: they got into taxis and disappeared into New Jersey. "But," says Betsy, "I saw a woman at the bus-stop yesterday that just needed a word in her ear to manifest her Goddessness. And another in the Laundromat, and two in the café. There are avatars everywhere just waiting a whisper."