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Norman Allan : the story for Ezra
book three: towards joy
chapter two: current work
Chapter 1:   "from spiralling ecstatically this...        
Chapter 2:    current work                                              




chapter two: much of my current work, hopefully, is leading towards joy...

some of the projects i am working on, that i trust will lead towards "fulrfillment", include...


~ . Let's start with Three Thoughts: in search of the mind

the novel: ! we started this memoir with my story of "Ted Allan in Spain: the movie"

Ted Allan in Spain: the graphic novel 

~ my work as a healer leds me to joy whenever I am able to help someanyone. And I'm quite proud of the page I've posted for "Dr. Allan's Medicine Show" (an event I am doing monthly at a Toronto Public Library...
Dr. Allan's Medicine Show  

~ my "art" often delights me: i shall plot an exhibition, a show..... meanwhile, here some recent work that has pleased me

ah but
I travel
through a rain of snits :
am i the snits master
then ?

(some of the) paintings are delightful
but i'm a poor, lonely old man
without a dog

where's the joy in that?
well, at least I'm a genius

(I offered this to El. She blow me off for a creep.)
where's the joy in that?
  my current work and projects bring me joy, when it goes well...     take yesterday: there was some dispondency ("Norman, are you floundering?" mother's ghost whispers), and that led me to paint LARGE!    



the spotted dog I saw in the park




wow      wu      wuff :

take a look at 2016's work       and footnote?

so we should plan the show at the Tate: (a virtually;digiconceptuwhatsit)





science : homeopathy: what we know (that i am aware of and think signifigant) : and a whole new science that this is a neat key to







the prose?

the prose progect (towards joy why do snits surround me
would be TAiS: the imaginary graphic novel :
it is the theme of this memoir: that's were we start NA:thfE,
with Ezra, and Mark, and snits... and Ted Allan in Spain: the movie

so here is Ted Allan in Spain: the movie, (TAiS), a graphic novel, conceptual art

the second most beautiful book, in the digisphere





  and the missing story : (footnote it till it's done)    


poetry: i'm writing this suite of poems in search of the mind

but the snits pursue me

and the loneliness

healing: part of healing is DAMS
        perhaps all we do for healing is DAMS ?




  oh, and do visit : the website