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motor states: the poem

beyond resting
there's ready (and ready is "steady")
set and

there is in the animal,
ethologically speaking
the bits (the body parts),
their muscles
which may be quiet, resting… or active,
and maybe the best path to follow what's happening
is "ready steady go".

ready, we take up slack.

"set" is ready focused on a goal
"I'm going to walk over these stones"

- "set" is intentional.

then we act
unleash an impulse,
a coordinated motion of the whole body,
or its parts,
in flow.

So there's active posture (stance)
and flow
and passive posture

actively we are either moving or poised
we engage the motor systems
the nerves and muscles
take up slack
and set to move

or we are passive, resting
just standing
or sitting,


poised, are we relaxed?
"well I'm trying to relax my body

(I wrote this
longhand, knelling on the floor)
comfortably while my forearm
and hand are poised and

poised, my pen
like the dog's paws,
as he crosses the stones through the rill,
his movements flow upon inspection and intention,
not waiting,
he is already in motion,

molding, shaping the action in flow,
choosing which stones to paw
like my pen chooses which word to step to next

Poised is attentive
Set is intentive, so will is there in it, and judgment.
Go too pertains to will and judgment
decisions, deciding,
comes from somewhere else then verbal
in man as in a dog

what is will in itself,
beyond thought,
an open bracket

In part will is asking "does it fit
or not,"
"Can I be bought?"
"What's right?" or
"What are we trying to accomplish here?"
and all this is beyond verbage
this judgment
this leash on impulse
"yes or no" (is it a go?)

So there is restful, and alert,
watching (orientating, focusing),
and there's thinking about
and deciding..

"yes no, it fits, go"
is (in part) beyond thought,
I think,

judging, intending, rehearsing, executing, I act in and on the mind (on words and thoughts) and in and on the body an impulse, doing, looking, thinking, doing,
committing to unleash the dogs,
to action,
now that beyond thought,
is it naught?



post scripts

in choosing (the next word, for instance) I am beyond thought
unless I choose to delegate judgment to paradigm
to automatic algorithm
through the conjuring of words

words are a toy of the mind
allowing the play of thought

(Babel, though, is without meaning)


stopping is to return to poise


see also motor states: the tome

and motivation?
is it out of needs, wants, commitment that we move

you can have judgment without will
but can can't have will without judgment
though the judgment of a dog may untie our leash

Actually, the pink bit, I had it all sort of sorted (and it was much simpler), but the computer crashed, so I had to try and remember and recreate, the next stone, the next poem, where is it going...