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Inward: Spheres within Spheres                              see the video

I had a thought… actually two. One a while ago. I was reading Brian Greene on String Theory and I thought, "What if those other dimensions are 'inward' and, those inward dimensions, that didn't expand at the beginning of time with the Big Bang, if they didn't expand with the extended dimensions of space, and they are here, inwardly (here, everywhere, they say, is where the Big Bang happened and everywhere else, in the expanded/extended dimensions, is expanding away from here), so that inwardly the unextended/unexpanded dimensions are all just here, overlapping: a cosmic mote."

Inwardly there are (may be) these six other dimensions (that string people speak of). That's thought one. I've written about that in my treatise on resonance, chapter six, String.

Then I was reading about the mystic's, the "perennial philosophy's", seven realms. They have the physical surrounded by (preceded or followed by) the pranic realm, then the mental realm, followed by the etheric, the causal, the cosmic, and finally the Absolute (God Himself, even) (Sometimes they are given different names. Baba calls God's space the "Nirvanic", for instance.) Well, and you've propably guessed it, the second thought, the other day, reading about these the "Seven Energy Bodies", was, "What if they're all, successively, inward," or starting at the Absolute, outward. So, perhaps, there are the three dimensions of space (or four of space and time), and then inward to that the six "Dark"/unseen dimensions of space/time/energy/matter, the six extra dimensions of String Theory, and inward to those… one of the "M theories", I gather, has even more dimensions, so perhaps these are inward to the Dark dimensions, and so on in to God. Enfolding, successive enfoldings. Worlds within worlds.

My friend Phil just said, "So what." Like the Buddha said of God. Buddha said "Just do the work." These abstractions have no relevance, and though I think it is a pretty thought, that God is inside (inside inside inside…), it doesn't take one there.