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You know a lot of energy can just blow you away. At the end of the day, it's the quality of the information that carries the message. With a "bar band", a rock band, often if you put your fingers in your ears, to reduce the amplitude, then you can hear the words.
Higher is an interesting concept. It's quite normal, second nature, to talk about "higher consciousness." It's in our thoughts and language this "higher", and the idea that higher consciousness is a higher frequency vibration is wide spread. One example of this schema is David Hawkins' map of consciousness, which he derived by "muscle testing" (which is a bit like "automatic writing") with guilt and shame as low frequency, and hop and love and bliss as higher and higher frequencies.
High frequencies are impressive. Hawkins ascribes his scale a logarithmic, exponential quality that produces really big numbers. But I wonder…
     Isn't it quality, rather than quantity? The difference between a happy song and a sad song, between harmony and cacophony, dissonance, is not amplitude or frequency. It's subtler aspects.
It ain't the umph in the energy that's nice or nasty. It's the shape, the pattern, and though loud and high may move a crowd, sometimes low can move the heart.

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