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Ted Allan:
a partial biography...
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Ted Allan: a partial biography

chapter one: The Pen as Sword:
Ted finds a new name,
Ted meets Bethune
and the Spanish Civil War

chapter two: Gerda

chapter three: Aftermaths
(of Gerda's death)

chapter four: Beginnings

chapter five: Youth

chapter six: Back in the New World

chapter seven: the nineteen forties,
Hollywood and Beyond

chapter eight: Oh Canada

first intermission

chapter nine: Across the Atlantic

chapter ten: The Red Head and the Shrink

chapter eleven: The Secret of the World

chapter twelve: Deodar Road, Putney

chapter thirteen: Martie

chapter fourteen: Sex

second intermission:
Odds and Ends

chapter fifteen: Genevieve

we are re-editing and polishing and,
in an on-going fashion,

chapter sixteen: Kate

chapter seventeen: My Father and I

chapter eighteen:
Untitled pages from the later years;
and a further return of the Gerda story

chapter nineteen: Beleaguered

chapter twenty:
miscellaneous loose ends,
tapes, and the end.


post script:
the last time my sister saw my father


Frances Penney-Bethune's letters to Ted