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Yarrow: Achillea millefolium


~ Diaphoretic, antipyretic (hence for colds/flu)
~ hypotensive, peripheral vasodilator,
~ astringent,
~ haemostatic,
~ diuretic, urinary antiseptic,
~ anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic,
~ aromatic bitter, digestive stimulant,
~ emmenagogue, (restorative and regulator
    for menstrual system)

~ the essential oil is anti-inflammatory,
    anti-allergenic and antispasmodic.

                           (source: purplesage)

~ Fevers, common cold,
~ essential hypertension,
~ digestive complaints, loss of appetite, amenorrhoea, dysentery,     diarrhoea.
~ "specifically indicated in thrombotic conditions with
    hypertension, including cerebral and coronary thromboses."
~ used topically for slow-healing wounds
    and skin inflammations.

                           (source: purplesage)

How to take herbs
Dried yarrow stalks are traditionally used in China to consult the oracle, the Book of Changes or I Ching.

50 stalks are used, and first one is put to one side so that infact one manipulates 49 stalks to get the propabilities to come out right.








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