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How to take herbs:


Herbs: as a rule, herbs are best taken as tinctures and not as capsules or tablets. (Many herbal properties are only found in fresh preparations, for instance, in the essential oils, and tinctures are the only preparations in which these properties are preserved.)



Herbal Tinctures: herbal tinctures should be taken on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals (to allow for direct absorption), in a small amount of water (a "finger" or two to dilute the alcohol - or in hot water if you wish the alcohol to evaporate).

The dosage is prescribed in terms of the number of drops to be used, or the number of "droppers". A "dropper" is the amount you get when you simply squeeze the teat on the dropper (not trying to fill the dropper to the top).



Herbal Infusions: herb teas are a wonderfully direct and traditional way of taking herbs and are relatively inexpensive.

However, the procedure is more complicated than taking a tincture, and there is usually no guarantee of the freshness of the herbs.

As a rule herbal teas should be taken 30 minutes before meals (to allow direct absorption).

One method of preparing a herbal infusion is as follows: place a tea spoon of the herb in a mug; add boiling water; cover, and allow to steep for ten minutes; strain.

Note, that in herbal combinations, tinctures can be added to herbal teas: you can mix them.