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Norman Allan : the story


Chapter 10


and: Elizabeth and I tried, some, to replicate in 1992, unsuccessfully, but I don't think we really count. (We dabbled).

Science, the number 2 science journal, after Nature.

3. the autumn

we so rarely speak…     if Kate was ill, oh….(Kate phoned Julie in the middle of the night, disorientated…. and Julie phoned me. For some time, soon before her call, I was extremely agitated, anxious… I didn't know why)))

5. I do. I want to have the ultraditution story written for the New Yorker! Help!

18 years gone

6. Now re-titled Homeopathy



it's poly-discriminative - it's not just yes and no, left and right, dark and light, top and bottom, hot or cold, red or not red: experience is not binary… it's multidimensional. (Oh, the special coordinates in binary code aren't in the code! they're in the hardware, the screen!) It's pattern, mate! It's patently pattern!
pattern pattern pattern.

7.. The Buddhists speak of "mental formations": volutition, thoughts, emotions, et cetera

the search for the mind: the "notes"


the ink blots,
1967 1968?
wet some heavy paper     
and sploch ink

8.. Is it Bach or Beethoven? no, but it might be Bartok!    ranking is rankling: shi… Not de Vinci or Picasso, but Modigliani?      give me ten years we'll be de Kooning and Botticelli  
             the conceit!...




of course we can't present
de Kooning with just
one painting...

click on it, mate


thank you, Darrell     for the sander 

9. Oh: this was the very beginning of my painting, drawing : my 1st sketch book, mate!
    Wow. I just recalled that Maybe Cynthia maybe sort of triggered the art.

10, TAiS = Ted Allan in Spain