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IV: iteration iteration iteration in the CNS

Iterations:    when I talk here about iterations, what the            are we talking about?

Iterations perhaps first come to our attention, most of us, in the context of "fractals", for instance in the Julia sets and the Mandelbrot set where you keep repeating f(z) = z2 + c again and again and generate the Julia sets and the Mandelbrot set which describes them.

Langton's ant, with its emergent phenomenon, presents another very simple iterative behaviour illustrating the dialectic: that simple generates complex very quickly.

Poincare's recurrence is a third example of iterative behaviour. Here we see information appears to disappear and then later reappear (with further iteration), and we may expect to see Poincare's recurrence in the highly iterative second harmonic generation which will be going on in the bone crystal lattices.

But the iteration that I wanted to talk about here, is the iteration that is occurring at so many levels in the central nervous system.

 For example, in the neural organisation of vision we see multiple sequential neural representations of the visual field. Between each of these successive levels of visual analysis the information is "processed": successive levels (successive mappings of the visual fields) are iterations of the informational field/matrix, and each is similar in many ways to the field from which it derived but it's evolved and different, (and is, for instance, analysing aspect of sensations) and of course these processing occur with a small temporal delay so that these iterations, this information is falling down time.


       And which of these iterations iterations of the visual field is the "visual field", is vision itself? Not necessarily any one of them. Possibly the resonance of all of them.         where?

So we have all these iteration of neural information falling down time - and not just our visual matrices - there are many other body maps (somatotopic maps). the primary sensory and motor cortex,       and "associative" sensory and motor cortex, and many somatotopic maps in the cerebellum, and in the thalamus, and the basal ganglia, and the spine itself (there is a little fusiform homunculus in the spine) again with successive iterations of neural process.


and so there are all these iterative processes in the nervous system, falling down time, reflected, and processed, and in the vibrating/pulsing/oscillating living crystal lattice of the skull, and scaled to ultrahigh frequencies, overlapping perhaps, in the others dimensions of string... and we might wonder what fractal wonders are resonating in these systems...

CONSCIOUSNESS where ever it comes from   is woven through this

and no doubt consciousness is more than this, but thus, too, at least here in the body, it is...








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