The String Thing

Concerning the cosmic mote:

According to String Theory, the universe, the existent, exists in three extended and six unextended dimensions. These dimensions encompass the universe. They define the cosmos spatially.


Supersymmetrical string theory is an attempt to reconcile quantum physics and relativity (footnote) If all the particles, the bits, of energy and matter are modeled as almost infinitesimally small vibrating things then perhaps, it is hoped, one might reconcile the two theories. In the first instance these vibrating things were modeled as strings (almost infinitesimally small strings). Presently they are modeled as membranes. Now, to reconcile the two theories and model the world, these almost infinitesimally small vibrating things, the strings, need to be vibrating not only in the three extended conventional spatial dimensions, x, y, and z, but also in six other dimensions. The six further dimensions (a, b, c, d, e, and f) are almost infinitesimally small. They did not expand at the beginning of time (in the Big Bang)

Where are the six almost infinitesimally small, unexpanded dimensions? Most string theorists just say that they are curled up in the three expanded dimensions, but that doesn't make sense to this layman's mind. If they are curled up in x, y, z, why then they are not truly other dimensions. At best they are special cases of xyz. No, surely if they are other dimensions then they are other dimensions, abcdef...

It makes intuitive (and linguistic) sense to me (as it did to the Nobel Prize laureate physicist Absel Salem) to speak, and think, of them as inward, inward dimensions. If you are not comfortable calling the "in ward", then call them "other" dimensions. So outwardly we've three dimensions (six directions) and inwardly six dimensions (twelve directions?).


The vibrating things, the strings, are not three extended dimensions. They are vibrating in them, and the three extended dimensions encompass the universe. So too, I imagine, stuff, the vibrating strings are vibrating in the six unextended dimensions, and these six unextended dimension encompass the universe - they are the universe, at once almost infinitely small, and at the same time almost I nfinitely complex, and massive! The universe, the existent, exists in three extended and six unextended dimensions. These dimensions define, spatially, and encompass the cosmos. This may all be wordplay, but then again it indeed be so.

Now again we ask, where are the six unextended dimensions? They are here. Here, wherever, so the physicists say, is the point from which the universe started expanding at the instant of the Big Bang. Everywhere else is fleeing from "here"". So, wherever you are, you are at the point at which the universe arose, from which all (other) things expand and recede. So inwardly, the six unextended almost infinitesimally small dimensions are all here, coexisting, overlapping(?),in a tiny, almost infinitesimally small, mote. The cosmic mote.

If this is true, it is very interesting and very puzzling, and it might begin to explain a lot. Non-local causality is now an established part of what's happening. This inward cosmic mote may be the field/the ground of such "entanglement.


reference also chapter 5 in Pattern and Resonance in the Natural World